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Pause Downloading System Updates On Android

Downloading large files on Android is not always convenient, especially if you don’t have an excellent network. And unless you still have an unlimited data plan, let the download continue while you’re on the move without WiFi is just a bad idea. Google seems to agree, as the second preview for Android O developers now features a ” pause download ” button.

OTA updates are an easy way to update the firmware on your phone. If I had to connect the phone to the computer to install an update and skip several rings in the process, it would be annoying, to say the least. For less experienced users of technology, it could become one of the simplest things for which you go to a professional. Not only are OTA updates easy to install, but data is also less likely to be lost. Imagine a world where you have to do a manual backup of everything on your phone before you can update it. Both Android and iOS provide reliable OTA updates. In Android O, you can finally pause the download of system updates.

The OTA updates on Android are reliable. When an update is available for your device, you don’t have too much trouble downloading it. The only thing that can interrupt the download is your Internet connection. The servers that distribute the update are usually never overwhelmed because Android updates are not distributed in bulk on all devices. In the past, if the Internet connection was interrupted or needed to exit, it was necessary to interrupt the download of the system that was downloaded. The next time you connect to a WiFi network, the update did not resume downloading. Instead, everything started again. This changes on Android or.

How To Pause Downloading System Updates On Android

  1. On Android O, you can pause the download of system updates.
  2. To search for an update, open the Settings app.
  3. Go to System => System Updates. If you have a new update available, tap the “Download” button.

Whenever you need to pause this download update, go back to the same screen and tap the “Pause download” button. When you’re all set to start downloading the update again, tap the “Resume” button.


The ability to pause and resume downloading system updates is not just a weak Internet connection. System updates often drag the Internet connection down. If you have started an update and now you’re halfway there, canceling it won’t be easy.

System updates, in fact, any download that is substantially large should have a recovery option. Not everyone has a fast Internet connection and Murphy’s law will tell you that a perfectly valid Internet connection will die when you need it most.

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Other operating systems require functionality like this for both OTA and direct downloads. iOS is certainly no exception. The Apple updates are distributed indiscriminately throughout the world and its servers are really overwhelmed. Most users will opt for the OTA update because if you download iOS via iTunes, it’s easily a 3-4 GB file. However, the same goes for Windows 10 upgrades, being able to resume a download is the least of its problems. For now, Windows updates should stop breaking things. With Fall Creators Update, you can limit bandwidth for Windows updates, so it’s a start.

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