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Record a slow motion video on latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung’s most recent lead, the Galaxy Note 10, has hit the racks, pressing best in class equipment and a similarly stunning outside. On account of Samsung’s triple-camera arrangement, it’s evident that the telephone is fit for catching dazzling pictures. Be as it may, in case you’re more into shooting recordings, the Note 10 won’t disillusion in that front either. Aside from shooting standard video in up to 4K, the gadget packs slow motion and Super slow-motion modes.

In this segment, we disclose to you how to utilize these modes and shoot dazzling moderate movement recordings on your Note 10.

What’s the contrast between Slow-movement and Super Slow-mo

While most gadgets pack a standard moderate movement mode, Samsung has generous conceded its clients two cool shooting modes.

The standard Slow-movement mode enables you to record all segments of a video at 240 fps. During playback at 30 fps, it plays just the part with the most developments in moderate movement while the rest of the area is played back at a typical speed.

The Super Slow-mo mode, then again, gives you a chance to record around 0.4 seconds of video at 960 casings for every second with 12 seconds of playback. You can likewise pick to record 0.8 seconds of video caught at 480 fps, which is then carefully upgraded to 960 fps and gives you around 24 seconds of playback. You don’t get Full HD support in Super Slow-motion.

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How to shoot Super Slow-mo  videos on Note 10

Stage 1.

Open the camera application.

Stage 2.

Parchment ideal to find Super Slow-mo/Slow movement.

Stage 3.

Tap record.

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A most effective method to Record amazing slow motion  Videos

Whenever shot appropriately, slow-movement records are a treat to watch. Be that as it may, to shoot staggering moderate mos, you need to remember a few hints.

Light is Your Strongest Ally

With regards to shooting moderate movement recordings, the first, and the most significant thing is the lighting. In case you’re shooting average mo, ensure you have a bounty of natural light, as artificial lighting, as a general rule, winds up having a glimmering impact in moderate mo recordings. Shoot your records toward the beginning of the day or early afternoon for the best outcomes.

Steady Hands

Having a brave pair of hands is of principal significance here. That you neglect to keep up unfaltering hands for a delayed time, take a stab at getting a strong smaller than usual tripod. They are promptly accessible on all driving web-based business locales.

Pick Timer

This tip is aimed at Super Slow-mo devotees. As you know, your Galaxy Note 10 accompanies a Super Slow-mo shooting mode, which, as a matter of course, records 0.4 seconds of video at 960 fps, coming about around 12 seconds of playback at 30 fps. Presently, if that appears to be excessively short to you, you jar of for the option, which records at 480 fps for 0.8 seconds, carefully upscales to 960 fps for an all-inclusive 24 secs of playback.

Get Rid of Flickering

As referenced before, shooting in problematic lighting conditions won’t restore the most wanted outcomes. In any case,  that you have been compelled to do as such, empowering Remove Flickering may work. To turn it on, basically,


  • play Super Slow-mo video
  • tap on the three dabs menu in the upper right corner
  • and select Remove Flickering.

That is essentially it. Glad moderate moving!


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