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Remove Ads From Xiaomi Phone

How to Remove Ads From Xiaomi Phone: Step by Step Instructions to Disable Ads in MIUI 10

One of our greatest complaints with every Xiaomi phone is the ads in MIUI. Xiaomi doesn’t assume it’s important to give its customers an ad-free experience even after they’ve paid for a smartphone. MIUI is famous for sending special messages via notifications from pre-loaded apps, for example, Mi Browser, Mi Music, and Mi Video. You also get to see ads inside various pre-loaded apps, even with the latest update — MIUI 10.

Luckily, there is a way to disable ads on Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI 10, for example, Redmi Note 7 or Redmi Note 7 Pro. Follow the long list of steps below to expel ads from MIUI 10 on your Xiaomi smartphone. If your phone is running MIUI 9, follow these steps.

If you are not sure what version of MIUI your phone is running, you will find that information under Settings > About Phone. Now check what’s next to MIUI version.


How to remove ads from Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10

How to disable msa and Personalized ad recommendations

The first step is to disable msa. Xiaomi has tried hard to ensure that you don’t disable this service. In MIUI 9, disabling msa used to take two or three attempts, and you didn’t have to wait 10 seconds each time for the Revoke button — all that seems to have changed.

  1. Make sure your Xiaomi phone running MIUI 10 is connected to the Internet. You can’t revoke this permission offline.
  2. Settings > Additional Settings > Authorization & revocation > and set msa to Off.
  3. Now you’ll have to wait for 10 seconds before you can tap Revoke.
  4. Once you tap that, you will see a message that reads: “Couldn’t revoke authorization”.
  5. You will see this error at least three to five times before this permission is revoked. Keep trying until you succeed.
  6. After this, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Ad services Personalized ad recommendations > and set it to Off.

msa and Personalized ad recommendations

How to remove ads from Mi File Manager in MIUI 10

These steps will help you get rid of ads in the Mi File Manager app.

  1. Open Mi File Manager.
  2. Click the hamburger iconon the top-left
  3. Tap About.
  4. Press Recommendations to switch this Off.
  5. If you have any app folders on your Xiaomi smartphone, tap the name of the folder (as you would if you want to rename it) and then disable Promoted apps. This will remove promoted apps that show up in various MIUI folders.

How to remove ads from MIUI Cleaner in MIUI 10

The MIUI Cleaner app also tends to show ads, which you can remove if you follow these steps.

  1. Open MIUI Cleaner.
  2. Click the brush icon on the top-right.
  3. Tap the gear iconon the top-right.
  4. Press Receive recommendations to switch this Off.

How to remove ads from Mi Video in MIUI 10

These steps will help you remove ads from the Mi Video app in MIUI 10.

  1. Open Mi Video.
  2. Tap Accounton the bottom-right.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Set Online recommendationsto Off. This will get rid of promotional content.
  5. Set Push notificationsto Off. This will get rid of spammy notifications.

MIUI Cleaner in MIUI 10

How to remove ads from MIUI 10’s Mi Browser, Mi Security, and Mi Music apps

You can easily disable ads in the Mi Browser, Mi Security, and Mi Music apps in MIUI 10 via the Settings app on your Xiaomi phone. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to SettingsSystem app settings > Security > Receive recommendations Off. This will disable ads in Mi Security.
  2. Now go to SettingsSystem app settings > Music > Receive recommendations Off. This will disable ads in Mi Music.
  3. Next up, go to SettingsSystem app settings > Browser > Privacy & security > Recommended for you > Off. This is one step towards removing ads from Mi Browser.
  4. To completely remove ads from Mi Browser, go to SettingsSystem app settings BrowserAdvanced > Set start page > and change this to whichever URL you prefer. This will disable the default start page that has a lot of promotional content.

How to disable spam notifications in MIUI 10

Follow these steps to get rid of notifications from various apps in MIUI 10.

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications > App notifications.
  2. Now scroll down to each app that’s sending you spammy notifications and disable these. Note that this will block all notifications from the app, not just the spammy ones. It’s better to follow the instructions above if you just want to block promotional notifications.

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