Samsung To Launch Its Android 10 Beta Program

Samsung will re-launch a beta program before starting to release the next build to its customers. Citing sources who claim to have a good track record, SamMobile says that the Android 10 beta program for Samsung will start later this month. Those in the US and Europe will see the beta surface of android 10 in October. The process is ahead of the timeline that Samsung had last year when the android 9 beta program started in November.

Last year, Samsung included the One UI interface with the recent updates. With One UI, Samsung has moved usable items to the bottom of the screen so users don’t have to run calisthenics with their fingers to touch them. This year’s Android 10 update will include a 2.0 UI. The producer ended up launching android 9 on the Galaxy S8 from 2017 onwards. This year it should be available for Samsung’s flagship models starting with the Galaxy S9. In general, Samsung will allow its high-end models to receive two major updates.

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One UI / Android 9 beta program didn’t work

The One UI/android 9 beta program didn’t work that much; In fact, it was the fastest android update ever made by Samsung. On December 24, 2018, the implementation of the first stable version of the update began. But there are indications that, at least in the United States, those with a suitable Samsung Galaxy device could be waiting until next year to receive android 10. The next day the owners of Pixel and Essential Phone received the final version of android 10, T-Mobile supports the page showed that the update for Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ was in “test phase”. This meant that the development phase, which could take months, was already complete. However, just over a week later, the operator changed the status of the update for the two “development” models.

It offers new features, like a dark theme throughout the system that can save the eyes from the burning effects of Android’s bright white background. By enabling this feature, you will get a white text on a subsequent background. The improved gestures provided with the update allow the removal of the Start and Back buttons and the transition from bottom to top will take you home from anywhere. With live subtitles, the phone will provide subtitles for any video displayed and a faster load sharing sheet should reduce the time it takes to share content with family or friends.

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