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Sky TV Canada – Watch Sky TV Outside UK

If you are a British ex-pat working abroad, or just someone who loves films and TV show streaming, then you’ve likely heard of Sky Go. It was launched in 2006, Sky Go features some of the U.K.’s most notable cable channels. That ranges from Sky Sports to the Disney Channel. However, unfortunately, the service is only available for users in the U.K., so if you are located in Canada, then the subscription will not be available to you. In this article, we are going to talk about how to use Sky TV Canada – Watch Sky TV Outside UK. Let’s begin!

To stream content from Sky Go anywhere around the globe, including Canada as well, you will need a VPN. A VPN service will not only actually help you bypass these geographical restrictions however, but it will definitely make your browsing as secure as possible.

Sky TV Canada

Sky Go is one of the UK’s most famous subscription TV services. It basically offers online access to the full range of  Sky TV channels in the United Kingdom. This means you can enjoy everything from Sky News and Sky Movies to Sky Sports, and lots more than that.

Well, Sky Go is only officially available to UK internet users. If you live in Canada, either on a business trip, on holiday, or living there as an ex-pat, then you will find the Sky Go is blocked.

However, the good news is there is a way to unblock Sky Go and enjoy full access to Sky’s online streaming service in Canada or anywhere else. If you want to do this, you will need a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, a tool designed in order to bypass geo-restrictions.

Best VPN you can watch Sky Go in Canada

In order to start and help you pick the best VPN provider to use Sky Go, we’ve gathered criteria that you should base your decision on. Read about the services available with every provider, prioritize your VPN needs and consider them when reading in-depth reviews in the next section.

  • UK servers – in order to get Sky Go working seamlessly when you are located abroad, you will then need a VPN that has proxy servers within the UK. These same servers will also help if you wish to want to watch BBC iPlayer and all other British streaming services.
  • Quick connection – connection speed is essential to stream videos, so if you are looking to watch content on Sky Go, then look for fast VPN services. A VPN will inevitably slow down your connection as a result of encryption, however with a good provider, you will hardly notice the difference actually.
  • Zero-logging policy – a no-logging policy will make sure that none of your information or history, also include timestamps and IP addresses, is saved. This will avoid your data logs from getting into the hands of interested third parties and ISPs as well.
  • Strong encryption – opt for a VPN provider that basically uses strong encryption as a default. This will definitely keep all of your information protected. That is especially necessary for your passwords, credit card information, and any other sensitive details. That you would not wish to get into the wrong people’s hands.

Why can’t I watch Sky TV in Canada?

Sky Go is basically the streaming service of UK TV broadcaster Sky. The sky is only broadcast in the UK, which means it only holds the right to show much of its content in the UK actually. As Sky lots of live sport, movies, and also international TV shows, the rights holders it deals with are especially strict about where Sky can make their content available actually

Hence, broadcasting overseas is a big no-no for Sky, and this actually extends to their online streaming service too. This is why if you try and access Sky Go in Canada (or anywhere outside the UK) then you will get an error message. That will tell you Sky Go is not available in your area.

The way Sky Go blocks you is through checking your IP address. An IP address is a little bit of code that is transmitted automatically by your internet connection every single time you visit a website. It also tells that website exactly where in the world you are logging onto the internet as well.

This technique is actually known as geo-blocking, and it enables services. Such as Sky Go to use your IP address in order to determine if to let you use their service or not.

Sky TV Canada – Watch Sky TV Outside the UK



  • SPECIAL OFFER: 3 months free (49% off – link below)
  • Superfast servers (minimal speed loss)
  • Secure encryption & VPN protocols
  • No logs for personal data
  • Great customer service through chat.

  • Power-users configuration options.

express vpn

ExpressVPN is our top recommended VPN in order to watch Sky Go in Canada. It has a robust server network with up to 3,000 servers in 94 different countries. That also includes dozens of servers in 5 different UK locations. Just like the name ExpressVPN suggests, connection speeds are super-fast and also consistent across all their UK servers which is ideal to stream overseas content without lag or buffering as well.

ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption as normal which is as secure as it gets. Its no user logs policy is also guaranteed by being headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. There are local laws that allow the strongest possible privacy protections to use in defiance of international surveillance agreements as well. ExpressVPN offers terrific apps for almost every device and you can also connect more than 5 devices simultaneously too. There is also 24/7 customer support and also a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

NordVPN | sky tv canada


  • Optimized servers to unblock Netflix
  • Extensive server park of more than 5,400 different servers
  • DNS leak protection, kill switch
  • Strict zero-logs policy on both traffic and metadata
  • Money-back guarantee policy (30-days).

  • Apps can be a bit cumbersome to use.

sky tv canada

NordVPN is basically a premium VPN that you can subscribe to for a budget price. It also offers everything that you need to include tonnes of UK-based servers between its 5,100 servers in 59 locations globally. Connection speeds on their UK servers are really impressive, along with great uptime and stability.

NordVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption as normal and also offers plenty of extra security features. Like Onion-over-VPN and double-hop VPN servers for added security. The company is actually based in Panama, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction that is outside the major international surveillance agreements. That allows NordVPN to offer a no-logs guarantee you can actually trust.

Well-designed apps feature a beautiful visual interface and are available for each and every major operating system and many niche platforms too. Your subscription covers more than 6 simultaneous connections so that you can enjoy Sky Go anywhere on any device.

CyberGhost | sky tv canada


  • Unblocks US Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu
  • Compatible with TOR
  • Versatile and also user-friendly
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • 45-days money-back guarantee.

  • WebRTC leak detected
  • Can’t unblock some popular streaming sites.

CyberGhost’s main focus as a VPN service is the ease of use, reliability, and also user privacy. The provider has a network of up to 3,000+ proxy servers in 61 countries. That also includes the UK, which makes it ideal for users looking to stream videos from any location around the globe. Another important benefit is that this provider has unlimited bandwidth, no speed caps, and high connection speeds. That makes it perfect for video streaming. Furthermore, you can connect more than 5 devices to this service under one subscription. If you wish to connect your iPhone, PC, tablet, and also router to the VPN. You still have a connection you can use along with SkyGo – which is rather generous as well.

As a default security feature, CyberGhost also uses a 256-bit AES encryption through OpenVPN. That offer other feature options for advanced users as well. These also include the automated HTTPS redirection, ad blocking, data compression, and much more. Another important feature is the no-logging policy, that keeps your information protected and secure from potential leaks. The only information this provider saves on users is log-in events once a day; even your email address does not get stored actually.

PrivateVPN | sky tv canada

PrivateVPN is actually a young VPN along with a lot to offer. Its server network is not the biggest with just around 150 servers in almost 60+ countries but this also includes plenty in the UK. Their connection speeds are amazingly fast across all of these UK servers and with some of the most secure encryption as well. (256-bit AES encryption uses a 2048-bit DH key) we have tested, this is really a feat.

sky tv canada

PrivateVPN also has robust privacy policies also includes a no user logs guarantee. There are impressive apps that you can download onto all the normal devices. And you can connect more than 6 devices with every account. Throw in a 30-day money-back guarantee too and PrivateVPN has a really strong offering actually.

How to use a VPN to watch Sky TV Canada

When you have decided which VPN provider you wish to go with. It will then take a more few minutes to set up the service and then start streaming content from Sky Go. If you are a rookie or an experienced user, do not need to worry – this process does not need any prior IT knowledge.

  • Install the VPN – Sign up for a VPN service and also make sure to remember your new account details, including the password. In order to get the app working, you guys will need to download software for the right device and also the operating system.
    • Such as, if you are using an iPhone, you will need an app that is compatible with iOS on smartphones as well. This step may also redirect you to your operating system’s app store.
  • Choose a server in the UK – Upon opening the app and logging in with your new account information. Most VPNs will automatically assign you the fastest available server actually. But, you have to make sure you connect to a server within the UK. This is because Sky Go is only available for users in the UK actually. And you will need a British IP address in order to be able to use the service.
    • Each and every provider is different; but, within every VPN app, you will be able to see the server you choose under the “Servers” section. Just like that, have a look at the map (if available) and choose a location within the UK without the server list. The best way to make sure you have a strong connection is to pick the fastest available server in the UK.

Further | sky tv Canada

  • Run an IP leak test – We recommend you to do this in order to make sure your connection is, in fact, secure. Go on actually. This page will run an automatic IP address lookup test and it only takes a few minutes.
    • If the VPN is working the way it should be and you were, in fact, given an IP address from the UK as well.  Then you guys will see that under “Your IP Addresses”. If, however, you still see Canada on that list, then you have to contact your provider about a potential leak actually.
  • Loading Sky Go from Canada – Now that you guys have installed, turned on, and verified your VPN as well. Then you are ready to load up Sky Go and enjoy huge varieties of video content.
    • Download the Sky Go app, and it will give you instant access to all of Sky Go’s channels. Prior to doing so, you may need to activate a subscription if you are not already a Sky customer actually.

How can a VPN help you to unblock websites? | sky tv canada

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is basically an online privacy and security tool. Whenever you connect to a VPN, it then encrypts and redirects your Internet data via an external server. When passed through that server, your own IP address is removed and replaced by the IP address of the server.

This is really important: If you wish to access a UK-based streaming service such as Sky Go, you then need a UK IP address.

VPNs operate servers all over the globe, and the best providers will have plenty of options inside the UK as well. You just have to connect to a British server and then visit the Sky Go website. Their systems will see a British IP address and will have no reason in order to block you from using Sky Go. You will be able to watch whatever you want on Sky Go in Canada or anywhere else around the globe too.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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