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How to Know if Someone Deleted their Instagram

Someone Deleted their Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media applications out there. Everyone you guys know must have been using this application at some point in their lives. As the user engagement on this application is massive, the features keep on getting updated. Well, one such feature is Account Deactivation. If you guys want to find out if someone has deactivated their Instagram account, then you can keep reading this space for more information. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Know if Someone Deleted their Instagram. Let’s begin!

Whenever you spend more time looking down than looking up, then you guys are missing out on a lot more of life than you realize. If this strikes a chord then you should also consider deactivating your account. The internet has become really distracting in recent times, and we can certainly agree with this fact too! Taking a break seems reasonable in times just like these now. If any of your friends have deactivated their accounts, then how would you come to know? In case you guys are struggling to find out, then don’t worry! In this text, you guys will find all the relevant information regarding how you can know when someone deactivates their Instagram account.

How to Know if Someone Deleted their Instagram

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why one would like to take a break from Instagram. These days everybody is really busy checking their feeds that they also forget to live in the moment. Everything on Instagram actually makes them live in an illusion of perfection. Below are some of the reasons why you guys could take the step of deactivating your Instagram account:

  • The application also has become really bothersome and you get unnecessary notifications.
  • If you guys are trying to get ahead in your career or at school it may be worth taking a break from social media for a while since this app might be reducing your
  • Many times, you might also want to deactivate your account to focus on other essential things in life. Like when you join a new university as well as plan to open a new business.
  • For lots of people, trigger warnings are central to their mental well-being. But, the content on the internet is not always back via trigger warnings. In this case, as well, taking a break is important.
  • If you guys are a business account, you might also want to deactivate your account in order to save up your followers whenever working up a critical business strategy.

In case you guys relate to any of the reasons that is mentioned above. Then you might have also considered deactivating your account and then just activating it again when the time is right. It is really difficult to find out if one of your very close friends has deactivated their account as well as blocked you. In this post, we will also look at a few aspects that will help you guys decide if you have block or if the account has deactivate.

Deactivate your Instagram account

Before taking a look at how you can spot a deactivated profile. let’s just take a look at how you can deactivate your profile in case the need actually arises!

  • Just begin by logging in to your account through a browser and then open your profile and click on Edit Profile.
  • Now scroll down, and you will find an option that actually says ‘Temporarily disable my account’.
  • Then on the screen that is now displayed, just give the reasons for your deactivation. Enter your password once again and click on ‘Deactivate’.

Someone Deleted their Instagram

How to know if someone has deactivated their profile | Someone Deleted their Instagram

Let’s just say there is a profile that you guys want to check out. However, you guys cannot locate the page on the application. There are a few things that you can also do to find out if this user has blocked you or if they have deactivated their ID. You have to follow the below-mentioned methods in order to know what happens whenever someone deactivates their Instagram Account as well.

Private and public accounts

If the account that you are trying to locate is private, then all of this becomes a bit tricky. However, in case this is a public account, you guys can use your browser to search for this profile. All you need to do is, open your browser and then type in the URL of the account you want to find out about. If it doesn’t really appear in the browser as well, then the account has been deactivated.

NOTE: Make sure that you guys are logged out before performing this step.

A simple search

Another alternative to finding out if someone has deactivated their Instagram account is typing their username in the search bar. If you have not block and if the account has deactivate, then their profile would appear in the search results. But, the post number will be zero, and the account will now state that there are no posts yet. If you guys run this search through a browser, then the page would say that this page is not available. In case the profile doesn’t really appear at all, then you can conclude that you have been blocked.

Search for their profile along with a different account

The easiest way to know if someone actually has deactivated their profile is via making a new account. When you do that, then you can search for the user’s name that you want to locate. If you guys can find this profile through the new account, then you can safely conclude that your previous ID was blocked.

Third-party applications

One can also utilize third-party applications in order to find out if someone has blocked them or not. But, this is a really unreliable method since these applications charge a fee. We also recommend that users resort to the first four methods only.


This ubiquitous symbol also helps us in locating a lot of posts online. The same goes along with Instagram as well. In case you guys remember a hashtag that your friend had previously used, then just do a simple search in the search bar. If you guys can find the hashtag in the results, however, no posts appear, then the account has been deactivated. However, if the hashtag doesn’t appear at all, then your account might have been blocked!

FAQs | Someone Deleted their Instagram

What happens when you temporarily disable your Instagram account?

Whenever you temporarily disable your account, all your data remains safe on the servers as well. Your friend won’t really be able to find you on the application. However, your messages in their DMs will still appear in their chatbox. For the duration that your account is actually deactivated, nobody will be able to see your posts. However, this is temporary. Your account will then be up when you log in again.

How do you know if someone has deactivated their Instagram?

You guys will not get any notifications if someone deactivates their Instagram. Whenever you search for their profile on a browser, an error will then show up, stating that the page we cannot find. This basically indicates that they may have deactivated their account as well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Someone Deleted their Instagram” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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