How Azure Certifications Can Boost Your Career

Azure CertificationAzure is a growing set of cloud services provided by Microsoft. It has given companies and individuals excellent tools and frameworks to build, manage, and deploy apps on a global cloud network. With the growing dependence on professionals well versed in cloud technologies, a Microsoft Azure Certification makes your CV stand out from the crowd.

How Important is Azure? 

Azure offers 100+ services that let you do everything from virtualizing your existing apps to experimenting with new software paradigms like intelligent bots and mixed reality. 

Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure has updated its certifications like Azure Solution Architect, Azure Administrator, Azure AI Engineer, and Azure Developer, as well as introducing three new certificates.  Microsoft offers 12 Azure certificates. There are 14 examinations which are divided into three levels: 

  • Fundamental 
  • Associate
  • Expert

The Azure certifications cost varies as per the exam and the level.

Fundamental Level Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam 

Exam code AZ-900: 

This Microsoft certification intends to verify that you have a basic understanding of Azure cloud services. It is the best certification for non-technical applicants and beginners for comprehending cloud services such as sales, procurement, and marketing Azure cloud services. 

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Exam 

Exam code AI-900: 

Candidates will be tested on the basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning and how to use them on Microsoft Azure. 

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam 

Exam code DP-900:

Candidates who want to achieve this new certification should be familiar with basic data principles, including relational and non-relational data, and implement them on the Microsoft Azure architecture.  

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Associate Level Azure Certifications

Azure Administrator Associate Exam AZ-104: 

The candidates’ knowledge in configuring and managing computing, storage, virtual networking, etc., will be tested in this exam. It also includes monitoring in the Azure cloud environment. 

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Exam AZ-204: 

This certification requires candidates to have prior knowledge of designing, developing, and testing Azure-based apps and services. Candidates must also have 1-2 years of programming experience and knowledge of data storage and networking.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer – Associate Exam AZ-500: 

This certification is for applicants in charge of safeguarding cloud data, apps, and networks and who implement and administer security controls, identity, and access management.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – Associate Exam AI- 100: 

Candidates must analyze the prerequisites for AI solutions to pass this exam. Make suggestions for proper tools and technology. Implements solutions that are scalable and perform well. 

Azure Certified Solutions Architect (Expert)


Candidates for this Microsoft cloud certification should be SMEs with experience integrating cloud resources on Microsoft Azure, including storage, networking, and resource security


This certification will teach you how to create and deploy a Data Science Solution on Azure. In addition, you’ll learn how to leverage Azure machine learning methodologies for model training, evaluation, and deployment to address business challenges.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer- Expert Exam AZ-400: 

DevOps engineers are in charge of increasing cooperation and communication, establishing and implementing app coding methodologies, and automating, continuous delivery, monitoring, and feedback to deliver cloud services.

How do Azure Certifications Advance Your Career?

  • More career flexibility. Azure certifications help you choose from a wide range of learning and career paths. You can opt to become a developer, an architect, or an administrator in the industry. You can even choose niche specializations like security, AI/ML, and IoT. Also, Microsoft Azure Certifications help open doors to various industries, including healthcare, fintech, retail, FMCG, etc.
  • In general, Azure certifications help you earn more than your non-certified peers. An Azure Developer earns an average estimated salary of $136,768 per year, and Azure Architect gets $152,879 per year.
  • Microsoft cloud certifications enable you to know the latest Azure tools and services. You can apply these newly gained skills to get a better opportunity, or use them in your current role to improve existing processes, transitioning to a cloud-native architecture.
  • Improved skills in DevOps/AI and better security standards. Microsoft Azure Certifications improve your skills in cloud-native DevOps, AI, and other technologies and methods. Knowledge and specialization in cloud security enable you to understand the latest security trends and standards. You can utilize this knowledge to improve the security of your existing on-premises or cloud-based apps.
  • Leveraging Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement Support to lower your IT costs. Microsoft Azure provides enterprise agreement support that provides discounted prices for tools and services used in return for a commitment to a certain amount spent by the IT companies. The more you commit to using/spending in Azure, the bigger the discount gets (usually between 15%-45% for a minimum commitment of 500 or more users or devices). Getting an Azure certification can land you a job in organizations that use this agreement, where you can enjoy the full suite of Azure services for a lower cost.

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Businesses continue to hire professionals with Microsoft Azure certifications. Businesses are rapidly adopting Microsoft Azure cloud services, and the demand for certified Azure administrators, solution architects, developers, and security engineers is increasing. Getting one or more Azure certifications is helpful for you to better your chances of getting a job in this rapidly expanding industry. Choose from a wide variety of Microsoft certifications available, leverage Azure certification training, and pass the exam with flying colors – it is as simple as it sounds!

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