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How to tag a location on Snapchat

How to tag a location on Snapchat

A good Snap or Snap story requires time, effort and the right stickers to make. Snapchat has many stickers, both static and animated. They have emoji, Bitmoji, and your location. The location tagging stickers are new and basically allow labeling a nearby location on the Snap.

Here we explain how to use them.

Tag a location 

Open Snapchat and Snap or Record a Snap Video. You can create any other edition in the add-in you want, then apply a filter, add text or whatever else you want to do. To tag a location on Snapchat, tap the Stickers button in the right column.

In the sticker drawer, tap Location and scroll through the list of nearby locations that Snapchat finds. Tap the position you want to add and it will be added to your Snap.

You can send the Snap to a friend or post your story. The position tag will also allow you to view the Snap-on the Snap Map. Needless to say, but you need to allow the app to access your location if you want to use this feature.

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It is possible that not all nearby locations are displayed. The function has a fairly small radius when it comes to finding nearby locations. It seems to cover only a few kilometers and even, in this case, you will lose positions that would otherwise appear on Google Maps. Use Mapbox map data and it looks like it is not as rich in data as Google Maps is. The function can be excellent, but limited map/location data can affect it.

Not Possible To Tag Current Location On Snapchat

If you try to tag your current location on Snapchat, this is not possible. Only places recognized by the app can be labeled, such as restaurants, gyms, hotels, etc. The function also seems a bit imperfect. During the tests, the adhesive was able to list 4 to 5 different positions at the beginning, but a few minutes later, when another acquisition was taken in the same position, it was only possible to find a position that could be labeled. This is probably a problem with the map data.

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In the past, Snapchat has not been too accurate with positions. Users have always been able to use filters to add a city filter, and the Snap map tends to show areas where there is a lot of activity, but it’s not even that precise.

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