Telegram vs Whatsapp – Which One is More Secure

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Well, WhatsApp and Telegram are instant messaging platforms that are designed in order to make communication instantly and easy. Every app comes along with a mobile and web version – this means conversations can also be managed on multiple devices, a feature that is basically valued highly by users. In spite of some similarities, there are also few distinct differences between WhatsApp and Telegram. In this article, we’re gonna talk about Telegram vs Whatsapp – Which One is More Secure. Let’s begin!

Telegram vs Whatsapp – Which One is More Secure

We’re gonna do a detailed analysis of Telegram vs Whatsapp. And will compare them on some of the very main and necessary parameters such as security, privacy, and features.



  • It has a neat and friendly user interface
  • You can make the message disappear, that is good for privacy
  • It’s absolutely free and you can share large files


  • It’s not fully an open-source actually
  • Its end to end encryption is for secrete chat only
  • Unlike WhatsApp, it’s not all of your contacts that are using it actually.

Telegram vs Whatsapp

Telegram is really good along with all the essential features such as chats, audio calls, video calls (recently added). And you can have more than 2,00,000 members in a single group, which is insane and giant as compared to WhatsApp’s limit of having just 256 group members actually.

Well, in terms of security between Telegram vs Whatsapp, Telegram isn’t one of the best apps. First of all, the end-to-end encryption feature isn’t turned on by default and you guys can only use end-to-end encryption along with secret chats.

In terms of privacy between Telegram vs Whatsapp, or collection of data in general, Telegram is a bit better, if we compare it to WhatsApp. Because it collects only the contact info and contacts from you actually. That is still not good if it does not really have good security actually.



  • It features end to end encryption to give privacy and security
  • It’s famous, almost all of your contact is using it.
  • Simple and user-friendly as well
  • It automatically encrypts almost every message on default settings


  • It’s not open-source, which means the Facebook that controls it can easily temper along with the privacy settings as well
  • There is also the possibility of data misuse via Facebook

Telegram vs Whatsapp

WhatsApp is actually a messaging app used via many. The app is own via Facebook and it comes along with tons of features anyone will love to use. Comparing Telegram vs Whatsapp, It has end-to-end encryption for private chats which provides it a positive review. The bad news is that if you still care about your privacy, you should stick with Signal as really soon we might start seeing ads.

Well, some of the amazing features of WhatsApp basically include voice calling, video calling, GIF support, thousands of emojis, also a Snapchat-like status feature, and many more than that.


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