The Best USB Encryption Software You can Use

usb encryption software

Well, USB storage has long been the ruler whenever it comes to carrying large volumes of data. This is primarily because the USB drive is universally compatible, lightweight, and also portable. And does not really have specific minimum power requirements. That means that it can run as seamlessly along with mobile devices as with laptops or desktops. However, with the easy portability basically comes to the possibility of easily misplacing or losing tiny thumb drives or any other USB storage drives. That’s where USB encryption software can actually make your life so much easier. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best USB Encryption Software You can use. Let’s begin!

If you guys don’t want your confidential data to fall into the wrong hands. Then it’s a really good idea in order to protect your vital USB drives along with a password and encryption. There are a variety of options that will help you to achieve it, either for free or for a price. And if you guys are an average Joe or a secret spy, encrypting USB drives is a reasonable measure in order to protect your data.

What is Encryption

Well, if encryption sounds new to you, then don’t worry it’s a really simple process. In simple terms, encryption is basically an act of transforming data so that no unauthorized person can access, read, or modify the data actually. This transformation is done via complex algorithms that basically use passwords or key files.

So, if the person on the other side wants to access the data, he has to give the password or key file. Encryption is one of the most effective ways in order to achieve data security. Keep in mind the times you’ve entered a password in order to see the credit card or bank statement received from your bank through the email? Well, that is encryption for you actually.

Do We Really Need Encryption for USB Drives?

Mostly, it is not mandatory. however, if you guys are carrying personal or sensitive information then you also should consider encrypting your USB drive. Unlike a regular hard drive, USB drives are smaller in form factor and pretty easy to lose or forget in public places such as coffee shops and airports. In the event of any mishap, you guys don’t have to worry about the data on your USB drive if it is encrypted as well. Since no one can actually access the data without the proper authorization.

The Best USB Encryption Software You can Use

Gilisoft USB Encryption

Are you having a pretty funky UI, complete along with glossy buttons and a brushed metal finish, Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption is undoubtedly a looker. However, good looks are just a part of the picture and are complement via simple but effective encryption features as well.

Gilisoft USB encryption software is really easy to use. Just plug in the flash drive, and it is automatically detected as well. After that, all you have to do is just specify the size of the secure (or encrypted) area that you have to create on the drive (via the handy slider). Along with the encryption password, and the application will actually take care of the rest.

usb encryption software

The secure partitions are basically encrypted using the AES 256 algorithm and are accessible after being mounted via the program. There are not too many unnecessary extras here, just great encryption goodness actually. Well, if the companion secure access application on the encrypted USB drive is accidentally deleted, then it can be easily recovered as well. So there’s actually nothing to worry about!

If all you need is a no-fuss USB encryption software that doesn’t really contain too many additional options. Then Gilisoft USB Encryption is just the thing to go for actually. However, it does have some cons, like the 10-time usage cap for the free trial, and an irritating nag screen that pops up mostly than it should.

Pricing: 49.95$

Platform: Windows only.

Download GilliSoft USB Encryption

Kruptos 2 Go-USB Vault

Protecting your files is really simple, and you guys can do that via using this tool. Kruptos 2 Go is actually a simple application that installs on your USB flash drive, and it will basically run on any PC right from your flash drive. After you guys install the application, you then have to create a file vault that you use to save and encrypt your files.

The file vault is protected via a password and 256-bit encryption so all of your files will remain safely locked as well. The application is easy to use, and you can also encrypt files simply through dragging and dropping them into the vault. Unfortunately, this application needs a license, however, you can download and also try the free trial version.

Kruptos 2 is pretty quick and really easy to use, however, it gets sloppy whenever dealing with larger files. A 400MB file took 20 seconds in order to encrypt and 6 seconds in order to decrypt. That is significantly slower compared to VeraCrypt actually. Also, you guys cannot encrypt the whole partition or system drive.

Price: 30-day Trial | $24.95

Platform support: Windows, macOS, and also Android

Download Kruptos 2


Well, picking up where the hugely popular (however, now defunct) TrueCrypt left off. VeraCrypt is an extremely feature-rich encryption tool actually. Although it’s primarily geared towards encrypting hard disks, VeraCrypt basically plays equally nice along with USB flash drives and is one of the best USB encryption software on the market as well.

VeraCrypt basically works via creating password protected disk volumes. That is encrypted with industry-standard encryption algorithms such as AES, Serpent, and Twofish. It also lets you further secure the encrypted volumes through the use of passwords and key files as well. All you guys have to do is plug-in the flash drive, and just follow the steps mentioned in the volume creation wizard as well.

You guys can either create an encrypted volume of a particular size on the flash drive or encrypt all of it. The USB flash drive (and the data on it). Hence encrypted can only access via mounting it through VeraCrypt. When you enter the specified password and/or key file.

If you guys are looking for a USB encryption software that includes top-grade encryption prowess. And is totally gratis, then go for VeraCrypt. But, it’s worth noting that via VeraCrypt involves a bit of a learning curve actually.

Pricing: Free of cost

Platform support: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Download VeraCrypt


VeraCrypt can also encrypt volumes and external drives, however, if you have a simple program in order to encrypt files and folders on a USB drive then AxCrypt is a really great option. Arguably the easiest to use encryption software out there, AxCrypt can also use via just about everyone.

The UI consists of just one window that has two columns. The left column basically lists the drives and files on your PC, arranged in the familiar tree-like structure. And also lets you easily browse the files or folders you have to encrypt. When you’re there, right-tap on the file or folder, and choose the Encrypt option.

After that, just specify the encryption password, an optional key file. The decryption process is importantly identical, except that you have to choose the Decrypt option from the context menu. AxCrypt employs the industry-accept AES encryption algorithm (both 128-bit and 256-bit key length). And also includes features such as auto-encryption of modified files, passphrase caching, and also stuff like that.

What’s more is that, if you are a premium user then you can also share encrypted files too along with your contacts. Just simply put, if you are not an advanced user and want user-friendly encryption software for USB sticks. Then AxCrypt is actually the best out there.

Note: The standard installer of AxCrypt basically includes some bundled third-party applications. But, these can also be easily skipped during installation.

Pricing: Free | $4/monthly (currently $2.83)

Platform: Windows and Mac. Decryption apps are available for Android and iOS.

Download AxCrypt

USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a really solid program that we can use to encrypt your drives. This utilizes an AES-256 algorithm to encrypt files, folders, and much other sensitive information you want to keep safe from prying eyes as well. Plus, it has a really simple user interface as well. If you guys don’t want something that’s bogged down along with too many features, this is the way to go.

usb encryption software

Many users enjoy Safeguard as it provides you the option in order to create virtual containers as a means of protection. It also quickly locks your device whenever it gets unplugged from your system. That kicks in even whenever you are inactive for an extended period of time actually. As a final bonus, this software is also free of cost for the first 2GB, however, you’ll have to pay for more storage after that.

Although USB Safeguard is absolutely free to use, the free version permits encryption only more than 2 GB. Also, USB Safeguard is windows only actually.

Pricing: Free of cost | 23$ per license

Platform support: Windows only.

Download USB Safeguard


You guys want robust and capable USB encryption software, however, don’t want to use third-party software? Not a problem at all, as BitLocker To Go has you covered actually.

Built right into some versions of Windows, BitLocker To Go is an extremely handy encryption utility that basically lets you easily secure the data saved on your USB flash drives. We can also configure in mere seconds via the BitLocker Drive Encryption applet of the Control Panel. The USB flash drives are encrypted via the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Also, if you forget the unlocking password, the same can recover through the automatically generated recovery key. That can also be saved to a file, or synced to your Microsoft Account as well. All in all, BitLocker To Go is actually an extremely reliable method of encrypting USB flash drives. If you guys don’t want to mess with any extra software. However, it’s only available in many versions of Windows, so that’s a bit of a bummer actually.


Note: If your choice of Operating System is Mac OS X, then don’t worry at all. You can use the built-in FileVault utility in order to encrypt USB flash drives. FileVault also uses the AES algorithm in order to encrypt disks, utilizing the login password because of the encryption pass-phrase.

Pricing: Absolutely Free | 100$ for Windows Home.

Platform support: Windows Only.

Upgrade to BitLocker


DiskCryptor is yet another famous, absolutely free, and open-source drive and also volume encryption tool for Windows. What’s good about DiskCryptor is that it provides you a choice between AES-256 bit, Serpent, and Twofish algorithms in order to encrypt and decrypt USB drives actually. Apart from USB drives, DiskCryptor can use to encrypt almost any external storage device such as CD/DVD, external hard drives, as well.

In case if you guys want to, the software can also auto-mount the encrypted partition or drive for instant access to your files and folders. Of course, you have to authenticate yourself before being able to access the data actually. Although DiskCryptor supports multiple encryption algorithms, it is really fast and the speed is comparable to non-encrypted drives too. If you are someone that needs more control over how DiskCryptor actually works and not afraid of the command prompt. Then there is an optional Command-line Interface (CLI). To top it all off, Diskcryptor is really small in file size and uses very few system resources.

However, there is nothing to complain about DiskCryptor apart from that it is only available for Windows actually.

Algorithm: AES-256, Twofish, and Serpent as well

Price: Free of cost and open-source.

Supported platforms: Windows only.

Download DiskCryptor


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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