The book that Apple sells and that is more expensive than an iPod

If there is something that stands out Apple, apart from the proven quality of its products, is the design of them. In Cupertino take care of these aspects very much and a good account of it are the numerous awards that your articles have received. Do you remember the Mac of colors that came out of Jony Ive’s mind? Or the wonder that the lines of the original iPhone were?

Well, those spectacular designs can now be consulted in a book that is for sale in the Apple Store, it is nothing more than a journey through 20 years of design in Apple. It sounds interesting, as much as its price. If you want to get hold of it, you have to pay 199 euros, if you choose the small format or 299 euros for the large format. There is no difference in the number of pages but in the size of them.

Apple Book cover

A tour of the design of their products

Apple Book

Find this book so deeply illustrated and with texts in English, it is possible if you search the Apple Store, although we leave here the link. As you can see, it is an art brain which the photographs are the work of Andrew Zuckerman and the prologue is of Ive himself, who has just left the company to launch his solo adventure.

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300 pages, 450 photos, linen binding, a minimalist finish with serigraphs to 280 lines. Indel, you can find elements as iconic as the iPad of 2010, the iPhone 4S and the Apple Pencil. All a statement of intent that you can only get on Apple’s own website and that surely will delight all those who see Apple more than just a brand.

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