The Impact of Technology on Student Engagement and Success

Impact of Technology on Student Engagement and SuccessTechnology has infiltrated every aspect of life and it is not stopping anytime soon. The educational sector is not exempted from the list because technology has positively impacted both schools and students in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Delving fully into the effect of technology on students will be like trying to swim the entire depth of the ocean; quite impossible. One cannot talk about ALL the impacts technology has made in schools and the effects of technology on student performance because it is too broad and it increases every day.

But today, we will focus on the relationship between technology and student engagement; the positive impacts.

Technology can boost student engagement and eventually lead to success for students at all levels whether teachers purposely provide students with the choice to make use of tech tools in an educational institution or not.

Impact of Modern Technology on Education

Technology has helped college students greatly enhance their learning and it has given them an avenue to practice and apply the skills they have learned. 

In education, technology has also helped students in locating and contacting experts in various fields either to know more about their works or to seek their help. For instance, if you have been asked to write an essay on impact of technology on society, and you have no idea how to go about it, you could check for free samples online. Or, you outsource the work to a professional in the field with no stress. 

Students have access to all the resources, learning materials, and knowledge they need at any place and any time of the day (most times, an internet connection is needed). The learning process is no longer confined to the walls of educational institutions, and getting access to books or materials does not mean trips to the library anymore.

The internet is a large database of information and virtually everything is there. All students need to do is punch in their needs in search engines and they have information from all over the world on that topic at their fingertips. Information can be written, drawn, or even explained in video or audio formats so students have choices on how they want to digest the information.

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How Technology Affects Students Engagement and Success

Technology and student engagement

There are so many ways technology affects students’ engagement and inevitably success but, here are a few of the ways:

– Students can record and playback online lectures. When students have unlimited access to lectures, it makes learning more fun and convenient because they can study wherever they are. At home, on a bus, at a boring get-together, anywhere at all. This, in turn, broadens their knowledge base.

– Work and learn with other students across the world. With the internet, students from all over the world can engage with each other and exchange their knowledge. Teachers also benefit from this because they can organize a lecture and students from every continent will be present. That’s a big win and virtually every teacher’s dream.

– Get creative with assignments and projects. With technology, students are not limited to written and printed projects anymore. Group projects can be presented as videos or podcasts. This makes the work more interesting and it shows creativity. Submitting projects and assignments in this format also somewhat takes off the stress and anxiety that comes with presentations.

– Online classes are pretty great for students. Online classes are a sure way to ensure that virtually every student is present and reasonably active. With the high rise in online education, many students can access knowledge and learn online. Most teachers prefer the online lecture method now more than ever since the pandemic and it has been working out great.

– Complex topics can be simplified with ease. With the use of technology, infographics have greatly helped students engage in virtual and real classrooms. Using these visual representations will make hard lectures easier to comprehend.

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What Technologies Have an Impact on Education?

The amount of tech gadgets that have an impact on education is pretty astonishing. And it is safe to say that many more are being made.

Here are a few technologies that have greatly improved education and learning standards:

  • Tablets and Digital Readers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Technology
  • Mobile Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3-D Printing 

The impact of technology on education cannot be overstated and it is pretty nice to know that a lot of schools are embracing rather than shying away from technology. Technological advancements are truly amazing, but technology should be used as a tool to enhance learning, and not totally replace the traditional learning methods. 

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