The most interesting details of yesterday’s Apple conference

Apple announced yesterday its financial results of the last quarter that have turned out to be the first in many years in which the iPhone has stopped being so important. Although Apple has made less money with its smartphone, the overall results have not been affected thanks to the growth of services, the Apple Watch and accessories such as AirPods.

However, yesterday’s conference not only left us with financial data, but Apple also takes the opportunity to offer some notes that can offer really interesting details about the company and its devices. Thanks to our Appleinsider friends we can summarize some curious facts that Apple offered yesterday.


Apple interesting facts

This conference offers some curious facts that can be overshadowed by large numbers and also Tim Cook usually answers some questions from the press. This is the most interesting thing that was said at the conference yesterday.

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About the results

  • Wall Street reacted well to the results and Apple shares rose after its announcement.
  • Record revenue from the Services, accelerating growth of Wearables and strong iPad and Mac performance.
  • Apple’s board has declared a cash dividend of $ 0.77 per share, to be paid on August 15.
  • Apple expects to earn between 61 and 64,000 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

About the iPhone

  • iPhone sales fell 3.5 billion dollars compared to the same quarter of a year ago.
  • A strong response from users to the exchange and exchange program in the Apple Store.
  • 5 times more iPhones were exchanged compared to the previous year’s quarter.
  • iPhone sales in the Apple Store continue to grow.

About the iPad

  • iPad sales increased to 365 million compared to a year ago.
  • Third consecutive quarter in which iPad sales grow.
    More than half of the users who bought an iPad did so for the first time.

About the Mac

  • “We are very excited about the Mac” – Tim Cook.
  • Mac revenues grew in four of the five geographic segments, set records in Japan and the US.
  • The overall growth exceeded the PC industry.
  • The active installation base of Macs is at its all-time high.
  • About Apple Watch and wearables
  • Wearables, home, and accessories grew 1.8 billion dollars compared to a year ago.
  • The Apple Watch and other wearables are the sizes of a Fortune 200 company.


About the services

  • Services increased by 1.3 billion dollars.
  • The audience of the Apple TV application increases 40% year-over-year.
  • Apple Pay makes one billion transactions per month, double the volume of a year ago.
  • Apple Pay gets more new users than PayPal, the volume of monthly transactions grows 4 times faster.
  • Thousands of Apple employees use the Apple Card that will be launched in August.
  • Services accounted for 21% of revenues.
  • More than 420 million paid subscriptions.

Other data of interest

  • The active installed iPhone base grew to a new historical record in each operating area.
  • These Apple results are almost the same as those for the 2013 holiday quarter.
  • China experienced significantly better year-on-year growth than in the last two quarters.
  • Growth in emerging markets: double digits in India and Brazil and third quarter records in Vietnam and the Philippines.
  • 506 Apple Store in 22 countries.
  • “We are developing several new products that we are looking forward to showing” – Tim Cook

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