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Unban From WhatsApp And Activate Account Again

Do you want to know about your WhatsApp number, is it banned? Your account has been blocked for some reason and you don’t know how to restore it? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Below you can find a simple guide on how to unban from WhatsApp.

In recent times, many people have started using third-party mods apps, which raises concerns for the WhatsApp team. Following this, it has now announced that it is prohibiting accounts that use mods from third parties, such as WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp. Please note that this is not the only reason your account has been blocked.

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How to unban from WhatsApp

While it is quite impossible to recover permanently banned accounts, you can still keep hope. Let’s start with the methods on how to recover from a temporary and permanent ban on WhatsApp.

  1. Temporary WhatsApp Ban

As mentioned, a temporary ban usually occurs due to the use of third-party apps. However, WhatsApp also imposes a temporary ban if it sends messages to too many unknown people (who do not have their number in their contacts), sends the same message to many people simultaneously without using the transmission list or is blocked/signaled by a number considerable number of people in a moderately short period of time.

A temporary ban can last from 15 minutes to several days. Every time you open WhatsApp mod, for example, GBWhatsApp, you will receive a message saying You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp”. There’s no way to avoid the timer. However, you can ensure that you will not be excluded the next time by following the steps below (as the ban time increases and may result in a permanent ban if you continue to use GBWhatsApp).

First of all, you should wait for the temporary ban to end. After that, follow the steps below to back up your chats.


  1. Open GBWhatsApp and go to More options. Here, select Chats and tap Backup Chats.
  2. Now open your file manager and look for the folder called “GBWhatsApp”.
  3. Tap and hold to select the folder. Now click on the More button (three points in the upper right corner) and tap
  4. Rename the folder from “GBWhatsApp” to “WhatsApp”.
  5. Download and install official WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.
  6. Once downloaded, open it and verify your mobile number.
  7. Now it will ask you to restore your previous chats from backup to memory. Tap Restore.

This way, you can unban from WhatsApp. Having said this, make sure you do not violate the above terms and conditions in the future, otherwise, it could result in a permanent ban.

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  1.  Permanent WhatsApp Ban

Maybe your account forever bans if you continue to use apps such as GBWhatsApp or go against the WhatsApp terms and conditions. It also includes sending advertising, spam, sharing of adult content and other illegal substances that are sexually explicit, offensive, violent or that encourage hatred towards a person or a community.

In these cases, it will display a message “Your number is no longer enabled to use our service” every time you open the app. Well, let’s face it, there is no direct way to unban your account.  You can try contacting the support team by following the steps below to try your luck.

  1. If your account is subject to a permanent ban, you will receive a pop-up message that says “Contact support” with a support button. Tap it

Unban From WhatsApp

  1. It will now ask you to describe the problem. Here, you should write an explanation letter for the violation of the policy and promise that you will never commit such a violation in the future. You can also request a more in-depth analysis of your case to show that you have not committed any of the violations.
  2. After completing all the information, tap “This doesn’t answer my query” at the bottom.
  3. It will automatically redirect you to the Gmail app and all details will be completed automatically.
  4. Send the e-mail

After sending the email to the team, it may take a couple of days to contact you. Keep in mind that it depends entirely on your luck and there is no guarantee that your account will be unbanned.

If you want to communicate directly with the team from the desktop, use the email ID shown below based on the type of device.

Android =>

iPhone =>

Windows Phone =>

Web and desktop =>

Other =>

Final Words

So, it was about how to unban from WhatsApp. While it is easy to recover from a temporary ban, the permanent ban is almost impossible to remove. We always advise you to use the official version of WhatsApp and to respect its terms and conditions to avoid problems in the future. Having said this, do not hesitate to contact us via comments in case of confusion.

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