User Guide On How to Convert RAR File to ZIP


Do you want to convert the RAR file to ZIP? Nowadays, data is like currency. If you have more data then it means more value and more benefits. However, the data comes in all forms, and, in digital formats, usually in audio and visual.

The factor is how wildly varied our gadgets are. They are just ranging from small smartwatch to a supercomputer the size of a refrigerator. So viewing or consuming more data depends on the capability of the hardware. Also, sharing and moving data b/w the gadgets can be a difficult task because of the utter variance of hardware power. Have you ever tried to view a 1080p video on a 10-year-old laptop? Exactly. This is where data compression becomes essential. It gives shapes to the data to fit the hardware’s capability. Also, it ensures that the consumer can view and edit the data using maximum efficiency or comfort.


Data compression is the process of translating information using a small number of bits than the original data. Also, it makes it more streamlined and smaller. The major goal is to make the file simpler to access, consume or transport

There are 2 types of data compression. Lossless, which deletes only the unnecessary bit of data while still keeping its ‘core’ data. It means the compressed video seems and sounds the same but will have a smaller size than the uncompressed model.

The second one is lossy, which deletes the ‘core’ data for even smaller sizes. A compressed video seems blurry from limited resolution and also it sounds worse because of a limited bit-rate. But it’ll have also a smaller size than the uncompressed model. If you view any gif then its the magic of lossy compressing.


RAR stands for Roshal Archive. As it is made by Eugene Roshal in March 1993 and licensed under WinRAR.GmbH. However, it is an archive file format that compatible data compression, bugs recovery, and file spanning. Also, it uses LZSS (Lempel–Ziv–Storer–Szymanski) and PPM (Prediction by Partial Matching) compression method.

The main strength lies in the data partition function. It turns on you to partition a large file into smaller units (also it’ll have extension name of r.00 r.001 r.002 and so on) that makes the process of transferring large data much easier.

RAR has encryption of AES-256 which is quite superior to ZIP, which only has AES encryption


ZIP is also developed by PKWARE.Inc on 14 February 1989. Besides RAR that is proprietary. Zip’s basic features are quite free, but it’s advanced features are patented. Zip uses the DEFLATE function to compress files. Also, it has wide support across almost all OS.

ZIP is very popular if it is compared to RAR due to its partially free source code. You can also open a ZIP file with only windows, besides RAR which needs WinRAR to open it. Generally, it has superior compression value, also it depends on what kind of file it is.

How Do You Convert RAR to ZIP?

There are 2 most popular apps to do it, WinRAR and 7zip.


Step 1.

Head over to you.RAR file using WinRAR.

Step 2.

Tap ‘Tools’, then select ‘convert archive’. Or, just hit Alt+Q.

Step 3.

Choose which files you are going to convert which in this case. It is just one rar having one folder, then tap on compression.

Then choose the archive format to ZIP, and after that, tap ok.

You can also choose the compression method, from quick (limited time consumed) to best (more compression but more time utilized). In addition, you have the choice to divide the files into the size of your preference.

Tap OK and wait for the whole process to end. Congratulations! Now your RAR is ZIPped.


Right-tap your file, hover your cursor to 7-zip, and choose to add to “x .zip.”

Now wait for the app to complete its task.

And that’s all. It’s quite simple, right? the zipped file can be created in the same directory as your rar file, using the same name. Make sure that it comes at a cost of virtually no choices for compressing, besides the WinRAR app.


Here’s all about ”Convert RAR File to ZIP”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever face issues while converting rar file to zip? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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