What Are Proxy Checkers and How Can You Use Them?

Are you wondering what a proxy checker is? If yes, do you remember the good old times when all the available proxies on the internet were alive, fast, well-functioning, and satisfactory? We also don’t. The reality is, that while proxies are becoming more and more popular, their sheer abundance does not and will not guarantee their quality.

Anyone who uses a proxy for his/her work or projects knows the stressful punch in the gut when the first opened website (usually, Google) is not working. The fortunate side of the story is that there is a way to avoid death, slow, transparent, or banned proxies. The way is using a proxy checker.

What are proxy checkers?

Basically, a proxy checker is an automated tool that helps you monitor and evaluate the quality of a particular proxy and how well it fits your needs. Having a proxy is one of the most popular solutions for the growing need for cyber security. While the use of such software is not complicated, a lot of different factors are in play to produce a high-quality server.

Various types of hardware, software, and web services have to be aligned for the proxy to work. And don’t forget the relation between the proxy and different internet uses – simple websites, FTP servers, messengers, intranet, media streaming, etc. All these variables influence the quality of the proxy. To be clear, you can never be 100 % sure that the one you used yesterday will work fine today.

Most of the proxy checkers can be found online. Usually, they are free, but the problem with them is their scope of functions as they simply check if the proxy is responding. While it is important to know if it is alive, a good proxy checker should give you more information.

Relying upon vast feedback of proxy users we concluded that OS-based checkers are usually faster, more reliable, have better-designed UI and in general, manage to give a more satisfying user experience.

The issue with them is that while they are getting more and more popular, some developers started pricing their products. Luckily, at the moment it doesn’t look like a popular trend as you still can find a high-quality proxy checker for free.

How can you use proxy checkers?

The uses of a proxy checker depend on the particular person. Whether you are going to check a website that is not allowed in your country, stream a live game, or use a bot for some sneaker copping, we still want to remind you of the most important features of a proxy checker. Considering that there is research suggesting that more than 50% of internet users are using proxies, one should be acquainted with the main uses of a proxy checker.

Use proxy for Transparency

One of the main reasons why someone starts using a proxy is the desire to hide your identity on the World Wide Web. One of the biggest misunderstandings between proxy users is believing that proxies are binary – either fully transparent or fully anonymous.

The reality is that many shades of gray exist between these two options. A reliable proxy checker will tell you the transparency status of your proxy.

Fingerprint check

A common name for various and complex measures when websites or other services identify users. A good proxy will not only hide your IP but also will substitute other possibly unwanted information in order to avoid fingerprinting. In the same way, a good proxy checker will show how good that certain proxy is regarding virtual fingerprints.

Hide Geographical location using proxy

One of the main reasons why people start using proxies is their designated location. Recent research shows that digital freedom is declining in the world – there are countries where internet usage is controlled and monitored by their local governments.

Using a proxy not only helps you hide your location but also to pick a preferred proxy according to its residential area. But to see where the proxy server is based, you need to have a professional proxy checker.

Whatever information you are trying to check – banned media outlets, Wikipedia, maybe even internet gambling, using a proxy without a proxy checker is like playing poker blindfolded.

Proxy velocity

The most common problem proxy users encounter is the speed of the proxy. Imagine that your other parameters are really great. Everything works. The residential address is as you wanted. All the websites you wanted to check work. Full anonymity. But a small problem pops up. It’s lagging.

You throw away the proxy and start searching for a new one. Nobody can stand a lagging proxy. A reliable proxy checker should give you an option of speed threshold, where you can set up your preferred performance metrics.

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We are starting to live in a world which often is divided into cyberspace and meatspace. In this article, we tried to show you what proxy checkers are and how you can use them. Having a proxy and keeping control of your identity in cyberspace is extremely important. One of the main tools for keeping that control is proxy checkers. Be safe!

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