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Best SEO Software For Windows In 2022

What are the best SEO software programs today? How to quickly and efficiently solve the daily SEO promotion and site optimization tasks. In this article, you will find answers to these and many other questions. And also, you’ll learn about what SEO ranking software and website-based software offer free trials or give free use with limited functionality.

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# 1 Adsy

Adsy is a desktop premium US service for Windows that allows you to get the best backlinks to your website with traffic. The program uses only web platforms for backlinks where users leave natural links on personal blogs, diaries, or social networks at their own will. Andy also has filters allowing you to determine the donor site’s region quickly.

# 2 Serpstat

Serpstat is a sophisticated multifunctional platform that allows you to perform market research, search analytics, analysis of key phrases, pay-per-click, links and competitors, position monitoring, and general site SEO-audit. The advantages also include that the program helps to identify and correct incorrect headings, incorrectly configured site maps, or errors in the addresses of pages.

Serpstat also analyzes the mass link site, identifies competitor sites and their positions in SERP, and tracks the dynamic changes in various indicators. The tool collects the most effective keywords from regional databases and determines their value. In addition, it analyzes advertising campaigns, the content of competitor sites, and popular queries in a particular business niche.

# 3 Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Perhaps it is the most popular program for site analysis among SEO professionals. Screaming Frog has a high speed and a simple interface. Among the benefits of this service, it is possible to visualize link links on the graph. However, the software is not without disadvantages. And here we mean the absence of functionality to calculate and display internal PageRank for pages is worth mentioning; no flexible data filtering and a small number of preset SEO filters.

# 4 Sitebulb

This software has an exciting design and decent work speed and also allows you to watch the dynamics of changes from audit to audit (stores the history of scans in the database). The program analyzes many parameters during the audit, but this number, in our opinion, is less than that of more advanced competitors. Visualizing links on the graph is possible, but there’s no functionality to calculate and display internal PageRank for pages.

On the plus side: the interface is replete with many excellent charts. Cons: relatively slow speed, as well as beautiful, but at the same time not very user-friendly interface, the design corresponds to the website rather than desktop software, hence the problems with usability. Nevertheless, the program will be helpful for the SEO-optimizer because it can free up his time to review an article online on

# 5 ScrapeBox

It is a quality program designed for link parsing and commenting. This one parses relevant URLs from search results of more than 30 systems, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, collects a list of links that match keywords from a particular query and conducts keyword searches based on data from 10 services. The service also allows you to create and post automatic and semi-automatic comments with backlinks on your site and external sites.

If you are interested in this feature, you can learn more about buying links in articles. Furthermore, it checks the indexing of pages, ranking and weighting of websites, and the whole mass of existing backlinks to your resource and anchor links. Also, the software looks for free proxies, which makes it possible to prevent a ban during work. Among the features of this service, it is worth mentioning the following:

  • opportunity to assign a platform for selection
  • additional features for downloading videos, generating sitemaps based on the URL, detecting free domains for registration, collecting email messages from sites, etc.
  • 24/7 client support

# 6 SE Ranking

SE Ranking is software for SEO site promotion, SMM, and PPC. The company is developing an SEO platform with which any user, regardless of experience, can promote their site in search. Among the main features are the following:

  • the most accurate check of the positions of the site
  • analysis of competitors in SEO/PPC (check on what keywords and with what ads competitors are promoting in organic and paid)
  • a complete analysis of the site
  • research and monitoring of backlinks (data on backlinks of your website, monitoring and analysis of their status on basic SEO parameters)
  • change tracking (notification of changes on your site and competitors’ sites)
  • keyword selection (more than 3 billion keywords + Google search cues).

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All of the above SEO software solutions, including SEO ranking software, are the best tools for the optimizer, as they allow him to cope with the task faster and better. In addition, it is worth noting that such software makes life easier for both the optimizer and the customer. Considering this fact, our experts have chosen the best SEO software for Windows in 2022, which they use daily in their work.

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