What Does ISTG Mean and How we Use it?

You guys have likely heard this expression spoken out loud in everyday language. It’s actually a close relative to the extremely popular and famous OMG (Oh My God) acronym that has dominated the social web for years. In this article, we are going to talk about What Does ISTG Mean and How We Use It? Let’s Begin!

ISTG is actually one of those online acronyms that are not only difficult to take a wild guess at. However, also very rarely used. Understanding how to interpret it if you do come across it online or in a text, but, can bring new meaning to the message or conversation as well.

It stands for:

I Swear To God.

What Does ISTG Mean?

In internet chatting and text messaging, the acronym “istg” actually means the phrase “I swear to God.”

Origin of ISTG

The phrase “I swear to God” has been used for hundreds of years and is basically taken from the Old English word “swear” which means an oath. The phrase translates to an oath or promises to God, which should not to be taken lightly for fear. That the person saying it would actually go to hell if they were lying. The phrase was carried over to chatting and texting as well. When they grew in popularity and also shortened to the acronym “ISTG” for convenience.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings of the acronym “ISTG” actually.

How ISTG Is Used


ISTG is used in a variety of ways in order to express emotional sincerity. Some of the most common ways to use ISTG are, have a look:

  • In order to communicate certainty when faced with skepticism. When someone does not believe you about something you know to be true. Then using ISTG might convince them that you are telling the truth.
  • In order to promise to change an action or behavior. If you or others have reason to believe that you can’t or also won’t change something about yourself. Then you can use ISTG as a way to promise that you are serious about changing.
  • In order to make a threat seem more intimidating. If you want someone to stop doing something you do not actually like. Then you might be able to do so just by using ISTG to threaten aggressive action as well.
  • Also as a general interjection. In conversations where something goes against what a person believes to be good or acceptable as well. ISTG might be used as an abrupt exclamation that is similar to JFC or WTF for the purpose of expressing emotion.

Examples of How we use ISTG 

Example 1

Friend #1: “U sure the essay is due tmrw??? I thought we had till Friday!!!”

Friend #2: “Istg the deadline is tmrw!! Mr. Jones reminded us in class today!!!”

In the above example Friend #1 does not believe a fact said by Friend #2. So Friend #2 uses ISTG in order to communicate their certainty and seriousness about the fact.

Example 2

Friend #1: “Woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. ISTG I’m never drinking again…”

Friend #2: “Lol, you said that last time too”

This second example is actually a classic demonstration of how a person might take an oath as a personal vow to change their actions or behavior also. Friend #1 uses it as a promise in order to quit drinking.

Other Ways to Say “ISTG”


There are also many ways you can say the acronym “istg” to convey the same meaning. Some of them include, have a look:

  • spelling it out; I swear to God
  • I cross my heart
  • as God as my witness

When You Should not Use 

The acronym ISTG is basically typically not appropriate for use in professional conversations. Or conversations where you want to remain respectful toward the other person or people as well. There are also other ways in order to make yourself sound sincere.

Likewise, you probably also should not use ISTG when speaking to anyone who’s very religious or spiritual as well. Out of respect for their beliefs too. Well, they might get offended by an expression like this.

A more vulgar and disrespectful variation of ISTG is ISTMFG, which actually stands for I Swear To Mother F***ing God. This one is far rarer, and because it’s so vulgar, you guys will want to be extra careful with using it in text or online conversations as well.


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