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What Is & How To Remove Bytefence Virus

When is an anti-malware program not safe to use or what do you know about the Bytefence virus? When it comes wrapped and unwanted during a download or installation, you can erase remove it. After installing it directly from the website, you should be okay. In the Bytefence case, it’s up to you to check whether or not it’s a security problem.

Bytefence Virus:

Bytefence is not actually a virus. Actually it’s an antimalware distributed by a company of the same name. However, it offers both paid or free products to consumers. Also, due to sneaky methods that the company has distributed its free version. However, computer users also claimed it like a virus to a lot of antivirus providers.

Important: Bytefence is installed typically on Windows PCs. However, also it confirmed as being download onto Macs during the PDF Mac Master installation.

Working Of Malware:

Once installed or downloaded, Bytefence scans for malware or crapware. Also, it’s the second-opinion malware scanner. However, it can’t erase any malware it finds. If it can find something, it pops up with an alert window telling you how many risks it has uncovered. Lots of ads encourage you to download the Pro version, which can erase those types of buggy programs.

How Do I Know If This Is on My Computer?

You probably not realize this is even on your PC until it appears with one of its malware detection alerting windows. You might view pop up ads for Bytefence Pro, too.

Certainly, it can add itself to your browser’s toolbar or modifies browser settings so if you check these types of things it probably is worth taking an instant look on your PC to view if this file is there: bytefence-installer.exe. If it is, you’ve got the Bytefence program installed on your PC. And if you didn’t know that, then it means it was installed without your knowledge and you’ve got a virus.

How Did Bytefence Get on My Computer?

The reason people are so frustrated with Bytefence is just because of its clever strategy in loading it onto your PC without your knowledge. You can also install software that you wanted from a freeware or P2P network site and Bytefence was wrapped into the software you were installing.

Well, technically isn’t a virus, it’s an ordinary program (PUP). PUPs are apps that are added after you install other software. They can also come in the form of innocent, essential programs but more often they are unnecessary browser toolbars, adware, Trojans, spyware, or even bitcoin mining apps. As they are unwanted and not clear that they are being installed on your PC. However, some antivirus providers categorize them as malware. That’s how Bytefence got its reputation as a harmful piece of software.

How Do I Remove Bytefence?

The most efficient method to remove any sneaky software on your PC is to use a powerful antivirus software program. However, the program can spot and erase lots of issues. It includes software such as Bytefence. This can take many hours to do but these programs offer an efficient method to erase harmful files.

As Bytefence isn’t a virus, you can just uninstall it. You can also erase Bytefence from your Windows PC by uninstalling the app on your own. If you want to uninstall an app on Android, you can then use the Google Play Store or the Settings app. There are 3 methods to uninstall apps on Macs, too.

How Can I Ignore Getting The Bytefence Virus Again?

There are some methods in which you can lower your chances of being re-infected with Bytefence or other harmful programs.

  • Daily update your antivirus software and malware protection. The latest viruses are launched daily and a powerful, up-to-date antivirus program can look for the latest virus and malware-based threats.
  • Don’t open the unexpected email. Besides you are expecting an attachment from someone through email, don’t dare to open one until you can confirm with the sender that they send indeed knowingly send you the file.
  • Be careful after downloading new programs. Always confirm the authenticity of the source of the programs and apps you download.
  • Visit well-known websites. Bytefence and other viruses can infect your PC through the suspicious websites you might mistakenly enter.
  • Don’t tap on banner ads. When a pop-up banner appears whenever you browse a website. Then endure the urge to tap on it. If a site overwhelms you with pop-up advertisements, immediately leave the site.
  • Disable PUPs in your antivirus software. Some antivirus programs provide you the choice to detect Unwanted Programs. But you might have to specifically choose the option to enable it. It helps stop you to stop unwanted programs such as Bytefence that are trying to sneak by once you download otherwise reliable programs.


Here’s all about “Remove Bytefence Virus”. Whatever the given methods you used, you can easily remove Bytefence. If you want to share any other thing regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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