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How to Disable two Factor Authentication on iPhone

When discussing digital security, the terms “two-step” and “two-factor” are mostly used interchangeably. However, confusingly, Apple offers two slightly different forms of enhanced security. That is called two-step authentication and two-factor authentication as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Disable two Factor Authentication on iPhone. Let’s begin!

Two-factor authentication is a newer and also more secure system that includes interactive push notifications on your iOS devices, such as the iPhone. Two-factor authentication has become an important way to keep your data safe. By needing two ways to prove your identity. Typically, a password and a verification code sent to your phone — it actually makes it dramatically harder for a hacker to gain access to your personal or financial data as well.

If you are still using two-step authentication and also want to switch to the two-factor alternative, then you need to turn off the two-step authentication first.

Disable two Factor Authentication on iPhone

  • Open any of the web browsers on any computer and then go to
  • Log in to the Apple ID that you want to disable two-factor authentication for. You may also need to use two-factor auth to gain access to the account
  • Head to the “Security” section of account settings and then select “Edit”
  • Locate the “Two-Factor Authentication” section where it says the feature is ON, and then click the link to “Turn Off the Two-Factor Authentication”
  • Create new security questions in order to assign to the Apple ID, these are used in place of two-factor auth codes
  • When finished disabling two-factor auth you can log out of the Apple ID management website as well

When two-factor authentication is disable, then you can log in to Apple ID from anywhere. If on the web, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, anywhere, along with only a password again, then you won’t need to double authenticate with a trusted device code.

two factor authentication on iphone

How to disable two factor authentication on an iPhone (within an available two-week window)

As we have indicated, once you turn on two-factor authentication on an iPhone — unlike two-step authentication, then it cannot be turned off. Apple has implemented this to enforce enhanced security for the iPhone and iPad as well.

There’s one exception: You have a two-week window, that is starting from when you initially activate two-factor authentication, in which to turn it back off. After that, it’s permanent actually.

  • If you are within that two-week window, then you can turn it off from your Apple ID page:
  • In a web browser, sign in to your Apple ID page as well.
  • In the Security section, make sure that it says that “Two-Factor Verification” is on as well.
  • Tap on “Edit.”
  • Click “Turn Off Two-Factor Verification.” tap on “Continue” in order to confirm this is what you want to do.


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