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Youtube TV VPN Services – How it Detects?

youtube tv vpn

YouTube has actually branched out from its roots as a video hosting site. In order to offer a new subscription-based live TV streaming service. With more than 60 networks now on board, it is worth taking a look at how to get the most out of your subscription fee, and also a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be the best way in order to get there as well. In this article, we are going to talk about Youtube TV VPN Services – How it Detects? Let’s begin!

What is a VPN?

A VPN operates through creating a virtual IP address that’s actually hosted on a server somewhere else in the world. An IP address is actually your gateway to the internet, as it will permit your device to recognize via many other devices connected through the Internet Protocol.

The virtual IP generated via the VPN is a great privacy tool. It prevents websites from obtaining your real IP through supplying the virtual IP in its place. That means your online activities cannot be traced as well.

In order to give anonymity and variety to their users, VPN providers host servers all over the globe. This is helpful whenever content on websites and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu is not available in your country due to the IP address. Using a VPN from another country tricks the site into thinking that you’re in the country along with the server. That means you can also access whichever tv shows and movies are available from that location.

Services such as YouTube TV that only offer a lot of channels and programs in certain areas become much more valuable. When you guys can simply bypass the geographical restrictions. It is really useful to learn more about YouTube TV VPN workarounds.

Youtube TV VPN Services – How it Detects?

Companies that operate in the video streaming industry are not ignorant of the fact that VPN technology can also bypass geographical restrictions. That they have put in place, and along with more VPN services popping up and rising to prominence each and every day. They have taken measures to make void the advantages VPNs afford their users.

With their users rightfully upset that the advantages they previously enjoyed suddenly restricted. VPN providers responded through finding workarounds to these new obstacles.

The first step to finding a way around the added security measures is through understanding exactly how YouTube is catching VPNs in the first place. YouTube TV basically uses an algorithm that tracks all incoming IP addresses. Those are trying to access the site as well. They do this to track which programs are being watched, however, also to catch VPNs.

This is effective because relying on the service that you are using, you may not be getting a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address is actually a virtual IP address that is unique to each and every individual using the service, not unique to each server.

If you guys are not getting a dedicated IP address, catching the VPN becomes much easier. YouTube TV’s algorithm simply has to catch multiple accounts attempting to log in along with an identical IP. Relying on how many folks use the service, the algorithm may catch this really quickly. Because the more accounts that attempt to connect, the quicker the algorithm can figure out that it’s fake.

Find a Good VPN

Whenever you guys are shopping for your VPN provider, it’s really important to keep this in mind. You guys will quickly become frustrated along with the time it takes the provider to change the IP address each and every time it gets flagged. There are a lot of options for good and affordable VPN services that include dedicated IP addresses. That can significantly increase your chances of using it effectively as well.

It’s actually worth shopping around for the right VPN that works for your needs. Along with VPNs becoming more mainstream, there is no end to your options. And the great promotional deals offered through some providers can make it a really good deal. Along with all of this in mind, and start getting the most out of your YouTube TV subscription!

Best VPNs for YouTube TV


ExpressVPN is actually the best YouTube TV VPN service. As it is reliable and provides lightning-fast speeds in order to stream YouTube TV outside of the US.

express vpn

ExpressVPN is actually a provider based in the British Virgin Islands that is highly respected throughout the VPN industry as well. It is basically a service that consumers come back to time and time again because of its high speeds and excellent reliability. Along with ExpressVPN, you get servers in 94 countries, that includes in the USA. And this VPN is actually a service that consistently unblocks highly sought-after services. For example YouTube TV, Netflix US, Hulu, HBO GO, and much more.

We really enjoy using ExpressVPN on all platforms, and the apps are fully featured along with advanced privacy settings. For example a kill switch, OpenVPN encryption, DNS leak protection, and obfuscation. This actually makes the VPN superb to gain digital privacy both at home and on public WiFi. In addition, this VPN stores zero logs, which means it will never have any records of what you did online as well. We find streaming along with this VPN a fantastic experience. And since it has 24/7 live chat support, you can always ask questions actually.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is basically a great VPN for YouTube TV. It is really easy to use, its app labels what servers are best for streaming so you don’t have to waste time finding a server.

CyberGhost is a VPN provider based in Romania that is well known for providing easy-to-use apps for all of the platforms. This provider has servers in more than 90 countries, which makes it fantastic to unblock a wide range of international content. And, since it has fast servers in the USA – that actually work with YouTube TV and Netflix. This is a really great service to access international streams.


Along with CyberGhost, you get a wide range of privacy features that includes OpenVPN encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection as well. Additionally, this VPN has a no-logs policy in order to make sure it never has any records of what its users do online. The nice thing about CyberGhost is that it is pretty easy to use. However, it does have a few fewer features than our top recommended service as well. The good news is that this VPN lets you install the apps on more than 7 devices simultaneously, which makes it great for people with a lot of devices as well.


Well, surfshark is a customer favorite VPN and also one of the cheapest VPNs for YouTube TV. You guys can unblock YouTube TV for just $2.49 a month.

Surfshark is another VPN based in the British Virgin Islands actually. A location that is fantastic in terms of privacy as well. The service is highly praised via customers because of its low prices and really wide range of features. In terms of speeds, this VPN is one of the fastest on the globe. That makes it an extremely good option to unblock streams. And this VPN works not just along with YouTube TV. However, also with a massive assortment of international Netflix catalogs including Netflix US and Netflix Canada as well.

Where privacy is actually concerned this VPN is strong. It has a zero logs policy and OpenVPN encryption as well. And its apps come fully featured along with a kill switch, obfuscation, and also DNS leak protection. Surfshark has servers in more than 60 countries, and also it is one of those rare services that seem to unblock everything. We love this VPNs 24/7 live chat support and also the fact. That it lets its subscribers install and then use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices. This makes it ideal for larger families and folks along with a lot of devices.


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