Zignaly Trading Bot Review – Why It’s The Best Solution In 2021

ZignalyMore and more traders prefer to use automated solutions and look for bots that help them handle investing. Indeed, there are lots of suggestions on the market nowadays. But how to select a reliable platform and ensure that your funds will be safe? 

Check out this review to find more about the zignaly trading bot. This service has been operating for 3 years and is trusted by over 86,000 users.  Do you want to know what makes it stand among rivals? Then, keep reading. 

What Features Makes Zignaly the Best Trading Bot

The platform has various features that attract clients all over the world. First of all, it’s totally free and has no minimum requirements. Hence, even newbies can easily start the trading experience by investing low sums. Moreover, it provides diverse trading models, has a wide range of signal providers, and ensures the safety and security of funds. 

Diverse Trading Models

As aforementioned, Zignaly offers different trading models to its clients. Users may pick among three suggestions: Trading Bot, Copy Trading, or Profit sharing.

The first option is more suitable for professional traders. They need to pick a signal provider and set up their own trading strategy. 

Copy trading is for average and amateur users. It lets clients rely on professional crypto traders’ deals and trade by automatically copying top-performing trading strategies. 

However, if clients don’t want to spend time checking the strategies and news, they can pick profit sharing. Basically, this option lets them invest in top-performing traders and share the profit. In this case, customers just pay a percentage of the profits as trading fees.

So, as you can see, this bot suits both amateur and professional traders. Users can pick fully automated options, mix trading strategies, or create their own ones. platforms Use signals on Zignaly

Supported Currencies and Price

Zignaly currently supports a limited number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It’s integrated with Binance, Kucoin, BitMex, VCC exchange, and FTX. However, the service keeps expanding this list and plans to add more platforms soon.platforms Zignaly

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One of the main features of Zignaly is that it’s completely free. There aren’t any fees or subscriptions to use the platform. All that clients need to do is to register an account and pick the trading model.plans Zignaly

Each registered user gets access to all the features offered by a service. Hence, clients may expect priority support, unlimited exchange accounts, as well as such advanced options as:

  • access to trailing stop, autoclose, DCA ReBuy
  • direct support with founders
  • trading fees caschback

As stated above, there’s no minimum requirement, and membership isn’t limited in any way. Plus, the service doesn’t have any trading fees. But customers need to deposit funds if they use Zignaly Exchange. 

Many Signal Providers

Another great feature of the Zignaly trading bot is that it offers many signal providers that let users trade automatically. The service has 46 options, and they include both free and paid signals. Use signals on Zignaly

Profit-Sharing Scheme And Additional Ways to Increase Passive Income

One of the options the service suggests to clients is the profit-sharing scheme. It’s a performance-based model that helps get income without any risks. Clients pay only when the traders make them profit, and traders risk their own money. 

There’s no minimum sum to invest in case customers pick this option. Hence, it’s a good suggestion for both amateur and professional investors. Plus, it’s also possible to diversify the portfolio at any time without any extra fees. 

So, getting money while sleeping or doing other things isn’t a dream anymore. Still, if users want to get more options for increasing their income, Zignaly is glad to help. For instance, clients may create and import signals into Zignaly and sell them. 

Great Customer Support

How to ensure that a service is reliable and customer-oriented? Try to contact its support and check how fast it helps with your questions. Zignaly has a brilliant team that is ready to provide assistance at any time. Clients may contact it via social media pages or live chat. 

Moreover, Zignaly has an extensive crypto knowledge base, a useful blog, and a wide community. Hence, investors may always stay updated on the recent news in the sphere. 

Safety and Security

It’s also essential to know that service takes care of the safety and security of your funds. Zignaly doesn’t store clients’ money, and users’ balances are always on the exchange side. The funds are protected by their security layer and insurance.

Moreover, Zignaly protects customers’ personal data and implements extra security layers. Hence, users need to go through 2FA to access accounts and each time they try to withdraw.

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To conclude, the Zignaly trading bot is a great platform for crypto investors. It doesn’t matter if you have just started your trading journey or already have some experience in the field. The platform suggests a wide range of options for both newbies and professional investors. Hence, users may pick automated trading or create their own win-win strategies.

Zignaly is free and easy to use, which makes it attractive to users all over the world. The service provides a thorough explanation of all suggested features, and it takes several minutes to join it. Clients just need to register an account and pick the most suitable trading model. Moreover, Zignaly has a wide community in social media. Hence, users may easily get help from experienced traders. 

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