6 tricks to get the most out of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become an incredible device with capabilities that go beyond technology, the number of lives it has saved is uncountable. It is increasingly common to see people with the Apple Watch and its use hooks, I can not separate from it.

The Apple Watch has many features, answering calls, answering WhatsApps, playing sports or just watching the time are some of them, but today we bring you some hidden functions of the Apple Watch that are equally useful.

Apple Watch

Secret functions that not everyone knows about Apple Watch

Control the Apple TV

Control the Apple TV

The Remote application is installed by default in the Apple Watch and with it, we can control the Apple TV easily. If you do not find the command just enter the app and navigate using the screen as if it were the Apple TV touch, controller.

Silence a call instantly

The Apple Watch is responsible for receiving all notifications and calls from the iPhone but what not many know is that you can silence them quickly in case of need. To do so just put the palm of your hand on top of the Apple Watch screen and it will mute the incoming call instantly.

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Unlock your MacBook without entering the password

Unlock your MacBook

The new MacBook can recognize if the user that is unlocking is wearing an Apple Watch or not, this way it knows if it’s you and they unlock themselves without the need to enter the password. You just have to go on your Mac to System Preferences> Security and Privacy> Allow the Apple Watch to unlock this Mac.

Control the home automation of your house

Control the home automation

The Apple Watch has the Casa app installed so you can control any device compatible with Home Kit. This means that you can turn lights on and off, disconnect plugs or even see a security camera from your wrist.

Find your iPhone

Another of the most useful functions will allow us to locate our iPhone if we have lost it at home. You just have to slide the control center up on the Apple Watch and click on the iPhone icon, which will start beeping to find it.

Take photos at a distance with the iPhone

Take Photos

One of the most useful functions of the Apple Watch is to be able to function as a remote controller for the iPhone camera. From the clock, we can see exactly what will appear in the photo and press the timer button for the iPhone to take a picture.

These have been some of the functions with which you can get more useful to Apple Watch, from iDropNews tell us many more, and remember that you also have very useful applications available, like this that allows you to use Instagram.


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