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7 Ways to Use a 3D Printer for Your Daily Needs

3D printerIn 2012, many vendors began to release the first affordable 3D printers for ordinary users, not companies. Until that moment, ordinary users could not even think they would enjoy all the advantages of three-dimensional printing. But even a student can buy a mini printer for scientific projects or create any plastic and polymer parts. But why would an ordinary person need such a printer? How can such a device be useful in everyday life? Well, here are seven ways to use a 3D printer for your daily needs.

Ways to Use a 3D Printer

Rapid Prototyping

Let’s say you are designing houses, cars, or some machinery. Then you will need prototypes to test any concepts. In addition, there may be errors in your calculations, and only a prototype will help you identify them. Don’t forget that everyone makes mistakes, and your home 3D printer will help you avoid them. Even students can afford such a device, depending on the goals and payback periods. Plus, you can always take advantage of the pay for papers options to save time and choose the best printer.


Let’s say you love jewelry but are not willing to pay a lot for a beautiful design. Why not create rings, charms, bracelets, earrings, and brooches yourself? You can choose any color and shape. Plus, there are many free templates online that can help you save time and create something beautiful. In addition, you can paint individual parts of your jewelry in the future or wear them in a single color.

Spare & Replacements Parts

Let’s say you love technology and electronics and want all your devices to work correctly. The problem is that many vendors do not provide spare & replacement parts. But you can easily get around this limitation if you create any bolts, screws, and gears yourself. Most of the components for your 3D printer are durable enough when heated to a certain temperature. That is why the cooled part will be no worse than the one you buy in the store.

Eyeglass Frames

Do you wear glasses? If the answer is yes, you have always wanted a special accessory. The fact is that many stores sell standard eyeglass frames that are not very comfortable and ugly. In addition, you may have specific needs that are not easy to satisfy. All you need is a good printer and layout for your eyeglass frames to be perfect. Fortunately, there are quite a few templates and files on the Internet to help you get off the ground.

Plates and Cups

Fortunately, plates and mugs are not in short supply, so you can buy them at any local store. However, what if you have special needs? For example, you might want to make a plate with 3 to 5 sections for salads, meats, beans, and sauces. Such a plate is quite convenient for organizing separate meals. Plus, you can create a mug with a double bottom or tea bag section. Surely it will be easier for you to brew tea and enjoy every sip.

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Imagine that you are a fan of Spider-Man or Wolverine. Would you like to have their figurines on a shelf or near a monitor? Thanks to the 3D printer, you can create any statuette, depending on the available sizes of your device and work area. In addition, these figurines will be a great gift for your friends. But, first, you need to find good blueprints and load them into the program.

Desktop Organizer

Here’s another good option for your desktop. Let’s say you want an original desktop organizer with sections for pencils, pens, business cards, or paper clips. Surely you can buy such a decorative element at any stationery store. But you cannot count on a custom design or any secret sections. Thanks to the 3D printer, you can create something unique. Surely no one else will have such an organizer.

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Why Are 3D Printers Becoming Popular?

The fact is that people have always loved to create something with their own hands. When such devices first appeared, their cost was comparable to buying a new car. Now a 3D printer can be bought for $300-700. Surely many enthusiasts will find such an amount to create something special at home. In addition, now many broken devices can be repaired in one click, replacing 1-2 parts. Surely many people can save thousands of dollars with these printers.

Final Words

All seven options above are just a small part of the great parts, souvenirs, figurines, and other things you can create with a 3D printer. Feel free to experiment. You need to buy such a device and all the consumables to stop halfway. Check out a few guides online and buy the one that fits all your needs. Surely you will get a great souvenir or a tool for your experiments.


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