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Amazon Fire Screenshot Method – Amazon Fire tablet

As we all know that the first few generations of Kindle Fire did not support screen captures, it’s possible to take screenshots on Amazon Fire Tablets made after 2012. Whether you have an Amazon Fire HD or Fire HDX tablet, you can capture, save, and also share what you see on your screen. In this article, we are going to talk about Amazon Fire Screenshot Method – Amazon Fire tablet. Let’s begin!

beneath Amazon’s FireOS software lurks a version of Android. Not that you’d know it: there are no Google applications or services on Amazon tablets, so there is no reason you’d suspect it had anything to do with Android.

In order to take a screenshot on a Fire tablet is therefore no different from taking one on an Android phone or tablet. Here we will show you how you can do it, plus a couple of tips if it does not work.

Amazon Fire Screenshot Method | Amazon Fire Screenshot Method

You need to simply press the power and volume down buttons at the same time. It takes just a second or so, but the screen should flash white and show a slightly smaller image of what has captured.

The image will be saved along with your photos and videos in the camera roll. If you want to copy the screenshots to a PC through a USB cable, then know that screenshots are saved in the Pictures > Screenshots folder, not in the DCIM folder with your pictures and videos as well.

On many Fire tablets, notably the new HD 10, you will find that the volume buttons swap around depending on how you are holding the tablet. So you will always find the volume down button on the left or the bottom.

You need to work out that which button to use to take a screenshot: it will similarly change when you rotate the tablet from portrait to landscape mode.

Transfer Fire Screenshots to a PC | Amazon Fire Screenshot Method

In order to transfer Kindle Fire screenshots to a Windows PC:

  • Connect both of your devices to each other using a USB cable. You have to use the cable that came with your Fire Tablet or any micro USB-to-USB cable.
  • If the Fire tablet does not automatically open on the computer, open File Explorer, locate the drive that corresponds to the tablet, then double-click Fire.
  • Double-tap the Internal storage folder.
  • Then double-tap the Pictures folder.
  • Double-tap the Screenshots folder.
  • In order to copy the files to the computer, drag the files to the desktop or to a folder on the PC

Transfer Kindle Fire Screenshots to a Mac | Amazon Fire Screenshot Method

If you have a Mac, then download the free Android File Transfer application to transfer files from Kindle Fire to your computer.

In order to transfer Kindle Fire screenshots to a Mac:

  • Open a web browser, go to, and then follow the installation instructions.
  • After the app installs, you need to use a USB cable to plug the Kindle Fire into your Mac. The transfer application launches automatically.
  • In the Android File Transfer app window, then navigate to Pictures Screenshots

Share Fire Screenshots in a Text Message | Amazon Fire Screenshot Method

It is also possible to send Kindle Fire screenshots in a text message using an app. Such as Tablet Talk, TextMe, or Skype. These apps sync your tablet with your smartphone so that you can send it. And also receive text messages from your Kindle Fire. Unless your device supports 4G, you will need a Wi-Fi connection to text from your tablet. Keep that thing in your mind that your phone provider’s texting charges will apply.


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