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Best Video Compressor Free for Android

With modern smartphones that are capable of recording High-Resolution videos. Such as 4K, one small downside is that these videos can actually take a lot of space on your mobile phone. And, if you guys want to send these HQ videos to your friends and family, it will take a lot of time and bandwidth to do this as well. WhatsApp and E-mails generally have a size limit for videos (for WhatsApp, it is 16 MB and for Gmail, it is 25 MB as well), and that’s why video compressing apps come in handy. We actually tested more than a dozen video compressor App for Android (it’s really funny that most of them are called video compressor) and finally choose the best one for you. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Video Compressor Free for Android. Let’s begin!

Tip: In order to send media files larger than 16 MB without trimming via WhatsApp, sent it as a document. The maximum allowed file size for the document is 100 MB actually.

Best Video Compressor Free for Android

Video Compressor Apps for Android are excellent utilities in order to decrease the file size of video files without compromising the quality. Therefore, it actually becomes super-easy for you to share high-quality videos on different social media platforms. That was previously not possible because of bandwidth & size limit issues. After testing dozens of Android video compression applications, we have selected the best Top 10 options for you. They are the easiest to use and can also compress video files while retaining the original quality. So, without further ado, let’s now take a look!

Video Transcoder


  • Needs fewer permissions to work smoothly.
  • Open-source video compressor app for Android.
  • Free Android video compression application.


  • Outdated dashboard.

video compressor free for android

You want to compress videos on your Android but are wary of ads? Video Transcoder is basically an app that is open-source and Ad-free however, this is just a useless perk if it does not get the job done. Video Transcoder is actually a minimal app that focuses on providing you a better experience in compression. You begin with choosing a video in order to compress and it actually shows you all of the parameters that you can tweak. You can also change the container, codec, FPS, Resolution, Bitrate, and audio as well. The encoding process barely takes time and saves the files to internal memory as well.

On a related note, if you guys wish to compress videos on the computer, we then recommend you use— Handbrake. It’s absolutely free, cross-platform and one of the best video compressors out there. We use it quite often in order to compress video for our YouTube channel.

Download – Video Transcoder



  • The best free Android video compressor on Play Store.
  • Support file formats such as WMV, MKV, MP4, MOV, etc.
  • Tools for trimming, editing, rotating, renaming & much more.


  • Free video compressor for Android along with lots of ads.

video compressor free for android

VidCompact is basically a new yet top-rated and a free app that offers not just compressing, however, converting and trimming too. It can also compress any video regardless of its size and store it on your device. You can also crop, cut, and trim any video of any format as well. It’s free of cost, fast and gets each and everything you can look for then, who won’t want it. It features plenty of tools for trimming, editing, stabilizing, rotating, cropping, converting audio frequency, and much more.

When you open the app, you can select ‘Trim and Compress’, and then you can select the video you want to compress off of the sub-folders. After you guys have selected the video, then you can also select the resolution you want the video to be compressed into as well. When you are compressing, you can also select to trim the video on-the-fly if you want to.

Another good thing about the app is the lack of advertisements, and there is actually no paid version.

Download – VidCompact

Video Dieter 2 | video compressor free for android


  • Tools to trim various parts of videos.
  • Can transcode files quickly.
  • Set resolution & quality before the compression process as well.


  • Limited options to rename video files.
  • Limited option for choosing the location for saving files.

video compressor free for android

Video Dieter 2 has a nice interface and is a feature-rich application for you as well. You can set the video quality and resolution, and it also has instant sharing options for compressed videos as well.

Whenever you boot the app for the first time, it then shows you the videos that you have already converted (if any), and then you can choose videos that you want to compress through your library. From there you can choose the video resolution and quality that you want your video to be converted into. The compression is instant and does not take as much time compared to the other apps on the list actually.

There are ads in the app too and in order to unlock the full version with all the features. You then have to ‘recommend the app’ to your friends. Well, unlocking all of the features does not get rid of the advertisements, though.

Video Compress – Clean up space on your Phone

The next app that has a ridiculously long name however, it works rather well. It is designed in order to compress video files on your phone to save precious storage. Video Compress also claims of compressing the video size more than 80% without any quality loss which is somewhat true as well.

video compressor free for android

The app does not really have a fancy interface, it lists all of the folders along with videos. You can choose a video file and then the app proceeds to prompt you in order to enter the resolution and speed for the updated file as well. You can choose an acceptable resolution that would decide the size of the file. It actually has three modes to adjust the bitrate of the output file Slow, Medium, and Fast as well. The fast method basically offers lower compression and slowest, highest too. The output files are automatically saved to the app folder and you can then choose to keep the original or delete the files as well.

I tested the app on a video of 121 MB and choosing a slow compression rate and minimum resolution actually. It compressed the video to just 3MB that is excellent however, the quality was just unbearable. I actually tried with a medium compression level and it was really good. Although, the compressed videos are intangible during a high-speed chase scene, however, watchable. The app is absolutely free on the Play Store, you should check it out.

Download – Video Compress

Video Compressor via Sunshine | video compressor free for android


  • Can compress large video files with ease.
  • Optimize video files in a way so that you guys can recover efficient space.
  • FHD, HD & SD settings are available for compression.


  • Capable of compressing the files that are created from your phone.

Video Compressor via Sunshine is actually one of the best video compressors for Android because it saves multiple videos. It can also compress large videos faster and saves more than 90% of a phone’s memory space. You can save your videos in full HD, HD, and also standard definition through going into the compression settings. This app offers you to play the videos within the app and also share them instantly.

Resize Video


  • Tools in order to compress, crop & trim videos.
  • Delete audio from video.
  • Share compressed video files on Social Networks.


  • It Can compress the video in the limit.

video compressor free for android

As the name entails, Resize Video does precisely what it claims to decrease the video file size without even compromising the quality. You can also choose the video size of your choice and even have options. In order to trim the length of the video before starting the compression process. It is actually an easy to use Free Android video compressor, best for newbies along with a seamless user interface to go through actually.

Download – Resize Video

YouCut | video compressor free for android


  • Tools in order to rotate, flip & crop video files.
  • Capability change video background.
  • Ability to fit your video in any aspect ratios 1:1, 16:9, 3:2.


  • Bombard you along with lots of ads.


YouCut is basically an all-in-one video compressor app that does almost each and everything you want to do with your video. It also offers multiple features such as video trimming, video cutting, video transcoding. And it also lets you share the videos directly via the app to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well. It supports a wide range of video formats and also adds your favorite effects to your videos as well. Along with a huge following on Play Store, it is one of the best video compressors for Android actually.

Download – YouCut

Video Maker


  • Multi-layer editing possible.
  • Offers more than 30+ video transition effects.
  • Extract audio from videos without any hassles.


  • Lots of features are available along with the PRO version.

video Maker

Video Maker is actually a perfect blend of compression & editing app for videos & audios. It also offers multiple features in order to trim, cut, merge, fast or slow motion, edit both pictures & videos with transition effects/filters & much more. Plus, you can also export the edited and compressed video without the watermark. So that you can easily share the final output on YouTube or any other social networking sites as well.

Download – Video Maker


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this video compressor free for android” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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