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How To Delete All Songs At Once From iPhone

Especially in these days of Apple Music, it is easy to accumulate a considerable collection of offline music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and a noticeable deficit with it. To erase the melodies of your device and start again, this is the easiest way to do it.

Previously, users of Apple devices had problems with limited storage space and had to delete everything to copy a single music file or application to the device. Now things have changed; Apple produces the iPhone with greater storage capacity. However, you may still want to delete all your music simultaneously from your iPhone. This article includes steps to remove all the songs and music from your iPhone at the same time.

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How to delete songs and music from the iPhone

You can quickly delete any music file on your iOS device with the following steps. We have two methods to delete the music stored on your device. One is via the Settings app and the other via the Apple Music app. You can use both methods to remove songs and other music content from the storage app and local music.

Note: Be careful when deleting songs, you cannot recover them.

It’s a simple series of steps that allows you to completely delete all the music files on your Apple device. Make sure you’re ready before starting the next steps.


  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Tap “Settings”. It is an app integrated into your iPhone. We know this well.
  3. Scroll down and look for the menu called General and tap it.
  4. Now go to Storage & iCloud Usage and open Manage Storage.
  5. Tap Music and click “Edit” in the upper right corner.
  6. Now you can individually delete the artists’ songs using the red icon less close to the artists. Also, you can select each song by tapping All songs. After choosing all the music files you want to delete, tap the Delete button.

Steps to delete music from Apple Music downloads

The Apple Music app is a widely used online music streaming service with important collections of your favorite songs. Some users use this application to download and queue songs for later enjoyment. You can also delete songs from the Apple Music application. These are the steps to do it:


  1. Open the Music app from the main screen and tap the My Music button below.
  2. You can sort songs by artists, albums, etc.
  3. Then, choose Offline music only option to display only the downloaded songs.
  4. Touch the button next to each song and delete the songs you want to delete.

Keep in mind that you can’t delete all songs at once with the Apple Music app. You will need to delete the tracks individually in the music app. However, try it and don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section.

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