Do You Want To Restart The Touch Bar On macOS?


If you are looking to restart the touch bar on macOS, then you are in the right place. The Touch Bar is not the good addition of hardware that Apple made to a MacBook. Also, It has some advantages. There are some apps available that make it more essential. The Touch Bar also needs to execute or run into hardware issues. In some situations, it creates issues or glitches, or it just disables. A simple system restart should resolve it but, if you’re not in a state to restart your PC, you can simply restart the Touch Bar alone. Let’s take a look:

Restart the Touch Bar

If you want to restart the Touch Bar, simply run a Terminal command. Head over to Terminal from Spotlight, also from the Application folder or the Launchpad. When you open it, simply execute the following command.

pkill "Touch Bar agent"

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