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Do You Want To Share Screen In Google Meet?

Have you ever tried to Share Screen In Google Meet? Google Meet, earlier called Hangouts Meet, is an amazing video meeting app. Fortunately, it used to work only on meeting room equipment. But in March, it was given with a browser and Android device support.

Here’s how to share your screen in Google Meet, with screen-sharing choices on the Chrome browser, smartphone, and iOS mobile and tablets.

How To Share Screen On Google Chrome

Google Meet makes screen sharing quite easy and simple on PCs and mobile devices. Simply begin a presentation on the app, or in this situation, your Google Chrome browser. Without any ado, here are some steps:

Step 1:

At first, launch Google Meet using Google Chrome on your PC or laptop. But remember that you’ve signed in using the true Google account.

Step 2:

Begin or join an existing meeting.

Step 3:

On the meeting screen simply select Present, followed by Present Now.

Step 4:

As you like to share your screen, you might want to select Your Whole Screen from the dropdown menu of the presentation choices. Otherwise, you can just share the Google Meet window.

Step 5:

Then, choose Share, and you’ll be alerted of sharing your whole screen. If you’re only sharing a window, you want to plan which window to share and confirm.

Step 6:

While your presentation, participants will view your webcam feed with your screen. If you like to Stop Presenting at any time, simply tap on that button.

How To Share Screen On iOS Phones & Tablets

Sharing your screen on iOS phones and tablets has some additional steps. Before using Google Meet, remember that you’ve turned on Screen Record on your device. Simply, head over to the Settings. Then move to the Control Center, select Customize Controls, and choose Screen Recording in the Include tab.

Once done, you can share your screen:

Step 1:

Initially launch the Google Meet app on your Android device.

Step 2:

Then join or start a meeting.

Step 3:

Then, move down from the top of your device (or move up from the bottom, depending on the device) and choose the Control Center.

Step 4:

Hit and hold Screen Recording from this menu. Then choose Meet and select Start Broadcast.

Step 5:

All done! Now your screen will be shared with other members. Once you finish the presentation, select Stop Presenting within the Google Meet app.

If you want to use your device’s camera rather than sharing your screen. Simply hit the Camera icon available from the presentation menu.

How To Share Screen On Android Phones & Tablets

Sharing your screen on mobile devices is possibly more straightforward than on iOS devices. The process is fully different, whenever you view right here:

Step 1:

Initially, you want to launch Google Meet on your Mobile tablet or phone.

Step 2:

Then, make or join a meeting.

Step 3:

During an enable meeting. Simply hit the 3 horizontal dots button

Step 4:

Then, select the Present Screen.

Step 5:

At last, hit Start Presenting and your screen will be shared. Now confirm with Start Now after reading the message appear in pop-up.

Once done with the meeting, choose the Stop Presenting choice. Right now, Google Meet can’t be requesting any additional permissions after using the Android app and sharing your screen. But in some situation that modification, allow it to share your screen.

Using the Google Meet camera view rather than the screen view is also a choice on Android. If you want to do so, simply click the Camera icon during a meeting.

How It Seems On The Receiving End

If you know how to share your screen on Google Meet is clean, but what does it seem like on the other side? Well, during a live presentation in Google Meet, all participants view your shared screen and nothing else.

A common question is whether or not the participants can hear the audio sound coming from your end. The answer is no. They’ll only view your screen or a single window on your screen if you select that choice (on PC).

At last, you can begin presenting in a meeting also when no one is presenting at the same time. Rather than this fact, it’s common courtesy to enable the other presenter to know that you want to take over.

Apparent Screen Sharing

Google Meet is quite simple and easy. Both viewers and presenters. It also provides you the ability to host video conferences for various purposes. And for a cross-platform tool, participants can also join in from different devices.


For now, those are PCs, Androids, and tablets, but additional widgets may be included in the future. Who knows what the latest additions you can expect from Google Meet? Is there something specific you’d like to view? Do you enjoy the screen sharing on Google Meet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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