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Auto Magisk to Automatically Toggle Root On/Off for Android Pay, Pokemon Go and any other App

If you are as of now using Magisk to use Android Pay and play Pokemon Go while rooted. You’d know it’s a touch of an additional progression to open Magisk administrator app and switch off root while you play Pokemon Go. Or use Android Pay and afterward flip it On when you need root get to. In any case, consider the possibility that we disclosed to you that there’s an app to naturally flip root On/Off for the apps you need. Indeed, enter Auto Magisk.

Magisk systemless interface joined with systemless root by means of phh’s Superuser enables you to incidentally flip off root access on a device (using Magisk chief) so you can use apps/diversions that don’t work when a device is rooted.

Auto Magisk

This permitted rooted Android people to use Android Pay without an imperfection while having root access on their devices. Likewise, it helped a great many Pokemon Go players who couldn’t make the appearance because of an ongoing update to the game which blocked it from running on Android devices with root get to.

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Created by Quinny898. AutoMagisk consequently switches root On/Off for the apps you don’t need root for and the other way around. It does it on the fly with no contribution from the user. The app requires openness authorizations to do as such (which it requests when propelled). Check the app in real life in the video beneath:

You can snatch the AutoMagisk apk at the download link beneath. And install it like you’d install some other APK file on your Android device. This obviously necessitates you have Magisk systemless interface and phh’s Superuser installed on your device.

Download Auto Magisk

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