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Drop Items in Roblox: Here’s how to?

Drop Items in Roblox: Roblox is a massive online game that is designed as a safe place for kids to play, create and express themselves. It is a huge ecosystem created for players and you’re left to get on with it. Also, Roblox players have created their own worlds, minigames, own items and all kinds of stuff. As a game having lots of items, inventory management is key. This guide is going to display you how to drop or trade items in Roblox.

Using most games, you have limited inventory space and managing all your stuff can become quite a chore. Not quite to Skyrim standards but crucial enough to perform a little housekeeping every now and again makes the game much easier to manage. The ability to analyze your inventory on the Roblox website adds an extraordinary convenience but not much.

Inventory actually has a lot of interest in Roblox. From checking out what other players have in theirs, to choosing up random stuff people leave lying around. Also, it’s a small but confusing aspect of the game.


A favorite hobby of some players would be to follow developers or other players around in Roblox and analyze their inventory. Also, it gives you an idea of what items might be coming to the game or just satisfy suspense. If you’re a promising clothes designer, inquiring about people’s inventory was an awesome way of getting inspiration.

Also, It was a surprisingly popular hobby if the Roblox forums are anything to go by. That all stopped when they added inventory security as a setting though. You accessed from within the usual privacy settings in Roblox. Also, you can control who gets to see what in your inventory. It’s a small change but one that stopped inventory tourism in its tracks.

To make your inventory private in Roblox, log into your account and choose the cog menu. Choose Settings and security and set your inventory to your desired setting.


The in-game inventory choice is quite good but once you start filling it up, the website is the way to go. Like customizing your character or designing clothes. It’s the website that offers the easiest way to manage certain game functions. Not ideal but not game-breaking either.

Step 1:

Navigate to the Roblox website and log in.

Step 2:

Choose the menu icon in the top left then select Inventory.

Step 3:

Use the menu on the left to choose item categories and navigate from there.

If you don’t see the item you’re searching for, there is a page selector at the bottom of each page. If your inventory spans different pages, use that to find it.


People are sometimes leaving stuff lying around in Roblox. Depending on your server, time of day and population, you will certainly see random items just sitting there begging to choose up. If someone has dropped something and is no longer around, those items are fair game too.

If you wish to drop something, you can.

Choose the item in your inventory and pick backspace. This will drop everything except hats, which you don’t want to use the ‘=’ key for some reason. This works well for every item in your inventory.


One of the many systems within Roblox is trading. As you’re a Builders Club subscriber, you can also trade items from within your inventory. You can also design and sell items too but that’s separate.

Trading is something of an uninvolved process where you visit the profile of the player you wish to trade with. Choose the items and trade them. However, there is no in-game meeting or barter and no exchange animation. It’s all done through the inventory.

Step 1:

Firstly choose the player profile of the person you want to trade with.

Step 2:

Then choose the three-dot menu icon in the top left of their page and select Trade Items.

Step 3:

Also, choose the items you want to trade within the popup window that appears.

Step 4:

Then add Robux if you’re adding in-game currency.

Step 5:

Last hit Submit.

After adding items to the trade window, you can move your cursor over each to see any stats for it or to add or remove it from trade. Once you press Submit, a message is sent to the other player for them to accept or reject that trade.

Trading is a huge part of Roblox and needs a little more research than this small paragraph.

The ability to trade or drop items in Roblox helps keep your inventory fresh and manageable and is the best way of getting new gear while getting rid of the old. It may take a little while to get to grips with but the effort is well worth it.


Here’s how to drop items in Roblox. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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