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Galaxy J7 Refine-Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine Review

Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine Review:

A few days prior to Black Friday, I saw an ad from Boost Mobile. They were offering free phones when you switch to their service. I and my friend headed to the Boost store near us the day before Thanksgiving. And we learned that we would actually save thirty bucks a month by doing a joint prepaid account with them. And everything unlimited, even! over what we had been paying for our other services… AND get new phones! Score! SOLD! In this article, you gonna learn about Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine Review.

Galaxy J7 Refine Processor, Screen and Camera Specs:

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine runs with a 1.6GHz octa-core processor. It has 5.5-inch screen  and has HD-720p definition. Which may not be the highest there is. But does the job for me. Our phones have a 13-megapixel camera installed both front AND back. Which makes really great photos of me, my friends, my family, and the gorgeous scenery of this beautiful nature. However, considering most of the other mid-level price-point phones out there having just 8-megapixel cameras. I’m actually happy with this one!

Galaxy J7 Refine

Galaxy J7 Refine Memory and SD Cards:

Well, my device has 32GB of internal storage memory and the capability to add up to 400GB of external storage via an SD card. I have a 250GB card right now in my device and have more than enough space for everything. Which includes the hundreds of photos and videos on my phone and about 20 apps I have installed. The phone still runs just fine with zero slow-down going on and no freezing at all! Isn’t it cool?

Galaxy J7 Refine Android Operating System Information:

Here is another cool thing about this device, is that unlike most other mid-price-range phones. It also comes with dual-band WiFi and NFC. Having NFC allows you to share things like websites, images, and contacts with other NFC-enabled phones. And lets you make a purchase or payment right from your device at any location which has NFC support!

What is the Bixby Home and Bixby Vision in Galaxy J7 Refine?

This phone comes with a pre-installed with the Bixby Vision and Bixby Home experience. To be honest, I have not really made use of either one. As the past couple of months have been busy and full of unexpected changes in our personal life. I simply have not had the time to play with these to learn their full capabilities. I do know that Bixby Vision can do many things. Such as, it help you translate text in a language you do not understand simply by pointing your camera at the text. It use Bixby to let you know what it says. It can also help you shop. Just point your camera at an item you love and Bixby will tell you where all you can buy it and how much it will cost!

Galaxy J7 Refine


Bixby Vision can also tell you more about a place you are visiting (or passing through!). Even find similar photos online to an image you just shot and save it. I also admit that it has a LOT of awesome functions. I just need to find time to truly play with it myself.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine Opinion:

Overall, I am pretty happy with these phones. Obviously, if I could afford higher-end models I would definitely have them. But for the mid-range price point, these devices are proving to be excellent for us. We have not experienced the “robotic-sounding” calls that some users report, nor any connectivity issues anywhere we may be. The battery lasts all day, which is also a cool thing. And the facial unlock and recognition has come in quite handy many times.

Well, I hope you like this article and it will be a great source for you to get information from it. Although I am not sure of how many times I use the word “cool” in this article. But this device, it’s kinda cool, isn’t it? LoL. Anyways, moving on to the topic again. Guyz if you still have any queries related to this article let me know in the comments. I will get back to you. Have a Great Day!

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