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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL

Ethan Yonker (Dees Troy), the lead developer of TWRP recovery yesterday posted on his Google+ account that the recovery shouldn’t take much time now to touch base for Pixel and Pixel XL as unscramble was at last chipping away at his test fabricates. Also, come today, TWRP recovery for Pixel and Pixel XL have effectively made it to the official vault at TeamWin’s site.

The current TWRP fabricate, be that as it may, is an alpha discharge taking care of business (even in the official channel). The developer expresses that it can cause the information to lose and that it breaks Chainfire’s SuperSU root (if installed on your phone). Additionally, installing TWRP recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL is marginally different than that of Nexus devices because of the new parcels format on Pixel phones.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Pixel

To install TWRP Recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL, we’ll NOT flash the recovery images legitimately to the phone. Rather, we will briefly BOOT the TWRP recovery images first using the fastboot boot recovery.img direction and afterward use the flashable recovery installer speed to install TWRP recovery on the two spaces of your Pixel phones. This is the prescribed method for installing TWRP on Pixel and Pixel XL.

Download Pixel and Pixel XL TWRP recovery installer zip and Fastboot images

Update (Nov eighteenth, 2016): TWRP recovery 3.0.2-0 alpha2 constructs now accessible for Pixel and Pixel XL. Download links updated.

Google Pixel (sailfish):

Google Pixel XL (marlin):


How to Install TWRP recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL

  1. Ensure you’ve opened the bootloader on your Pixel phone and have ADB and Fastboot on your PC before continuing.
  2. Download the TWRP recovery .img file for your Pixel variation from the downloads segment above and spare it to a different folder on your PC.
  3. Download and transfer the TWRP installer compress file for Pixel variation to your Pixel phone.
  4. Enable USB debugging from Developer options (help link).
  5. Connect your Pixel phone to the PC.
  6. Open a direction window inside the folder where you spared TWRP recovery .img file on your PC in Step 2 above. To do that “Shift + Right click” on any unfilled void area inside the folder and after that select “Open command window here” from the setting menu.
  7. On the direction window issue the accompanying directions to briefly boot (not flash) TWRP recovery picture on your Pixel phone.
    • adb reboot bootloader
  8. his will reboot your phone into bootloader mode.
  9. For Pixel (sailfish):
    • fastboot boot twrp-3.0.2-0-alpha2-fastboot-sailfish.img
  10. For Pixel XL (marlin):
    • fastboot boot twrp-3.0.2-0-alpha2-fastboot-marlin.img
  11. Your Pixel phone will now boot into TWRP recovery.
    • If you had a lock screen secret phrase and your phone didn’t request it. Then the entire Step 7 once more.
  12. From TWRP recovery principle menu: Select Install » select the TWRP installer compress file that we transferred to your phone in Step 3 above » and afterward complete a Swipe at the base bar to affirm flashing the file,
    •  This will install TWRP recovery to the two spaces on your Pixel phone.
  13. Congrats! TWRP recovery is now installed on your Pixel or Pixel XL phone.

About SuperSU Root

Update (Nov sixteenth, 2016): Chainfire has discharged an updated work of SuperSU, v2.78 SR4. You can flash this manufacture straightforwardly from TWRP recovery on your Pixel phone and get rooted. Snatch it at the link beneath:

Download SuperSU v2.78 SR4 zip

If you had rooted your Pixel phone with Chainfire’s SuperSU, then installing TWRP recovery will result in loss of root get to. As indicated by the people at TeamWin, an update to SuperSU will be required to permit TWRP recovery and SuperSU exist together on Pixel phones.

Dees Troy clarified the explanation behind this to XDA developers in that capacity:

Chainfire uses the ramdisk of the boot image to do his framework less root. This is the equivalent ramdisk that Google proposed to be used for recovery. I am almost certain that Chainfire will most likely think of an approach to make it work with TWRP, yet TWRP needs a little change to the init double to make decode work appropriately and Chainfire required a different change to his init twofold to make his ramdisk work for both ordinary boot and recovery.

We’ll make sure to update this post when SuperSU will be good TWRP recovery on Pixel and Pixel XL devices by Google.

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