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How Often Should You Post on Instagram in 2022?

Succeeding on social media can often appear to be a never-ending juggling act in which the smallest blunder can cause catastrophic problems. While the reality is far tamer, it is still critical to optimize your profile in order to reach as many people as possible while building positive brand awareness. Figuring out how frequently you should post on Instagram is an important part of optimizing your profile.

As such, how much should you post? And when is the optimal moment to communicate with your viewers? We conduct extensive research, so in this article, we’ll talk about how and when enterprises should share on Instagram as well as what periods are ideal for attaining their intended audience.

Is It Crucial to Post on Instagram Constantly?

Post on Instagram costantly

Instagram has been one of the extremely fast-growing social media networks, with well almost 1.2 billion people worldwide anticipated globally by 2023. It is the 3rd greatest dominant framework after Facebook.

The network’s number of users tends to prefer visual elements and functionalities like Stories, Reels, Live and IGTV can help your organization reach more customers, acquire new customers more flawlessly, and imaginatively communicate your core marketing. 

Instagram’s ample supply of tools, and even its principal segment of the population of the younger generation, the greatest spending age group, have enticed businesses and organizations.

Whereas the median Instagram post seems to have a longevity of 48 hours, you can increase the lifespan of your subject matter by providing essential services like tags, posting comments, including using new fad filters or stickers.

Even if enterprises can attain a huge number of participants without reimbursing for advertisements on Instagram, the system’s methodology is trying to shift to a pay-to-play prototype for industries. Although your composting reach on Instagram is declining, retaining your account and uploading rich sources is critical, although if you depend heavily on ads for scope.

Posting Too Little 

Post on Instagram too little

Posts are the heart and soul of your social media profiles. For a substantial chunk of your target group, social networking seems to be the only way to compete with brand headlines, product launches, and notifications. 

Responsiveness to customer concerns or queries via social networking sites is also a suitable option. 33% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 have been using social networking sites to touch a company’s service to customers.

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Sometimes when your Instagram profile is idle, people will inevitably completely forget. Not only could you lose followers, but again the algorithm might very well try to assess your lack of connection and mark your profile as inconsequential. 

As an outcome, your site will get no more online visibility. To sum it up, the lack of activity on Instagram is a career killer for the characteristics of your product. To increase your followers, visit MegaFamous.

Posting Too Much 

Posting too much

As a direct consequence, sharing rarely is a big no-no. Is it plausible, on either hand, to share too regularly?

Something we’ve all heard, spam. Even if your audience understands your goods as clogged up, there is no coming back. The concern is that several holders share much too most often without ever even acknowledging it. 

Social media platforms are very distinctive about their internet confidentiality boundary lines. Even if your content is extremely good, clogging your audiences’ streams will aggravate them.

Spam can undoubtedly lead to misunderstanding, which is never a nice sign. The number of posts you should share information will, of course, differ from industry to industry.

The very first Instagram rule is about being stable. Although when you keep a steady daily schedule, you inform your audiences as to what to expect and when to deserve it. This dramatically increases the ability to participate and, as a consequence, tends to bring your product to the interest of newer audiences.

You should eliminate having conversations with a massive proportion of information in a relatively short time and afterward failing to post on only a few circumstances. Use Carousels rather than single stationary comment threads if you essentially want to start sharing numerous pictures at the same moment. Maintain a manageable timeframe and propagate your comments equitably over the course of the week.

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Maintaining a strong content plan, on the contrary, is really not simple. Occasionally life is messy, and that share that was presumed to go out on Tuesday? It would get later and later that week.

How Frequently Should You Post on Instagram?

how frequant you should Post on Instagram

We’ll be doing this more in-depth, which includes Instagram’s multiple content characteristics, but the general principle is 1 – 3 times each day. This is the quantity used against the vast majority of mainstream brand names on Instagram, so it may not be best suited for everyone.

When attempting to create a publishing schedule, keep the following aspects in consideration:

  • Your aspirations
  • The number of audiences in your account
  • Your field of expertise

Your Aspirations


Because once questioned, most business owners will say that having gained Instagram followers is their main goal. Further to that, while a significant number may seem remarkable from afar, the amount of followers a product has is usually imprecise. A label with 300,000 followers but only 3000 likes per post suggests whether viewer fatigue or fake accounts.

It’s not a positive sign. What you should genuinely aspire to achieve for is a better conversion rate (amount of comments and likes count) and an elevated reach percentage.

The Number Of Audiences In Your Account

number of audience

It’s where your profile’s size comes into the equation. In a broad sense, the more posts you would like to create, the relatively small your profile. You could perhaps post approximately twice each if you had only a few 100 to 1000 followers.

Once relatively small account holders share elevated information that people like, the algorithm will reveal your record to more individuals, increasing your reach and, consequently, your involvement rate; it is also a positive sign for the algorithm.

Your Specialty


Just consider adding value. Not ever feel obligated to start sharing something that is of poor quality simply to clog up your feed. The Instagram method computes which posts are entertaining to your users depending on how long they devote ingesting your material or whether or not they start engaging with it. 

You might well be severely punished if your account continuously sees falls in commitment and optimistic perceptions.

Instagram had also recently acquired dozens of new additional content characteristics, most of which you should be using if you’ve not already. In addition to regular feed posts, Instagram Reels and IGTV can be exceptional growth channels.

How Frequently Should Instagram Reels Be Posted?

When is the time to Post on Instagram

Instagram announced this characteristic in 2020 as a sense for customers to submit snippets. The characteristic was debuted in an attempt to catch up in the short clip that contributes to the economic growth of the Chinese social media company TikTok. Since its founding and long-term effectiveness, the Reels function has captivated small and medium enterprises.

Multiple companies are trying to share tutorial videos, case histories, stay current with patterns, and increase their market share. Because reels are indeed a big feature, there is no hard rule as far as how frequently they must be used. It’s a general rule of thumb to start sharing a Reel once you have anything valuable and scroll-stopping for your viewing public.

Due to the importance of Reels in so many companies’ content marketing, sharing 4 – to 7 Reels each week can enable you to achieve the latest accounts.

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Feed Posts

Any information viewable on a user’s timeframe is taken into account by a feed post. As noted previously, share two content per day if your profile is small, with no more than once a day if you always have a huge, devoted user base. If you really want to post a range of images, use Carousels.

How Frequently Should Instagram Stories Be Posted?


These have increasingly been recognized whether going to post more stories helps in improved results among many social networking sites experts. It’s so much pretty easy to come across as spammy when your material looks cluttered with users’ feeds, but with Stories, you have a little more flexibility. Most mainstream companies share 4 – 7 stories each day. In a period of 24 hours, Instagram posts numerous stories.

When Is the Most Appropriate Time to Post Something on Instagram?

Insta feed posts

Operating in Central Daylight Time (CDT) is the greatest time zone for getting the maximum interaction.

  • The ideal time is Tuesday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • The ideal time for general posting is from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m.
  • Tuesday is the best day.
  • Sunday is the worst day.

Presently, while this is a broad sense formula that works for MOST enterprises, if you genuinely would like to step out, you could perhaps conduct background checks on potential viewers. Analyze your insights to see which posts drew the most focus. Look at the dates and times when those posts were shared. If you start noticing a pattern, follow it because it is impactful.


We hope the above information has aided you to start deciding how recurrently you should share on Instagram. Whereas the statistics displayed here are a perfect way to start for most industries, it is also extremely crucial to listen to your users. 

What kind of subject matter appeals to them the most? What time of the day would they have been the busiest? Assessing these considerations and adapting your strategic plan as needed will help your profile rise to the challenge.

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