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How To Add GUI To Microsoft Robocopy Command Line Tool

Do you want to add GUI to Microsoft Robocopy? Robocopy is known as “Robust File Copy”. It is a command-line directory replication tool from Microsoft. Also, it is available as part of Vista or Windows 7 as a standard feature. Also, it is available as part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit.

Important: For Windows XP, you can get Robocopy after downloading the resource kit.

Robocopy enables you to set up simple or modern backup techniques. Also, it provides features as multi-threaded copying, synchronization mode, mirroring, automatic retry, and the ability to resume the copying process. If you are safe after using command-line tools. You can then execute Robocopy directly on the command line after using the command syntax and choices. Also,  install the command line reference and usage notes for Robocopy as a PDF file.

If you are more comfortable after using a graphical user interface, or GUI, besides the command line, there are a lot of choices after adding a GUI to the Robocopy command-line tool. Also, it makes it easier to use. Both tools RichCopy or RoboMirror are given below and links to download each tool are provided.

How To Add GUI To Microsoft Robocopy Command Line Tool


You can use these tools to add GUI to Microsoft Robocopy Command-Line Tool:


RoboMirror provides a clean, nice GUI enabling you to define backup tasks you can execute directly or schedule to be executed at a later time. You can also easily recover a backup.

Choose the source and target folders and list which extended NTFS attributes to copy, if any. You can also select to remove folders or files in the target folder that can’t exist in the source folder. This provides you an accurate copy of the source folder.

RoboMirror also enables you to create a volume shadow copy of the source volume while backup. This enables you to restore files that are locked after running processes.

If there are subfolders and files in the source folder that you don’t like to backup, you can remove these items. You can also exclude files that are based on their attributes.

RoboMirror enables you to schedule backups to run weekly, daily, or monthly.

After you perform a backup, the pending modification is shown before the backup process starts. This enables you to abort the process and make modifications to the settings for the task if required.

Also, you view a history of the backups performed for each task on your list.


RichCopy is a graphical user interface for Robocopy. It is written by a Microsoft engineer. It changes Robocopy into a faster, powerful, and stable file copying tool than other identical tools. You can have many profiles having various settings for different backup tasks and you can copy files from multiple locations to a single destination.

Easily choose various folders to be backed up from many locations.

Set lots of different choices for each backup profile. Also, specifying items like the default source and destination directories. Also, lots of threads to use while searching directories and copying directories or files, and a timer for scheduled backup tasks.

You can also initiate a recovery task manually on the main RichCopy window.

These GUIs make Robocopy a good choice for file recoveries in Windows instantly than just using the normal copy command or Windows Explorer. They both are free tools to increase a free Windows feature. This enables you to perform simple or modern backups without purchasing additional software.


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