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How To Disable Frequently User Folders In Quick Access

Do you want to disable frequently user folders in quick access? In File Explorer, the Quick access shortcuts are an essential way to easily access your favorite and most commonly used folders. By default, lots of libraries are pinned. It includes your Documents and Images folders. Your most recently used folders also appear or seem in Quick access. In this guide, you will learn how to disable all frequently used folders from appearing in Quick access in Windows 10.

Tip: You can manually erase individual folders by right-tapping on them and then tap “Remove from Quick access” or “Unpin from Quick access”.

How To Disable All Frequently Used Folders From Appearing in Quick Access in Windows 10:

On the left side of File Explorer, quick access is accessible in the Navigation pane. Also, File Explorer’s choices can be configured by tapping the “Options” button. However, it is located on the far right of the “View” tab in File Explorer. On the other hand, you can hit the Windows key, input “File Explorer Options” and press enter.

In the Folder Options window, the 3rd box of the General tab controls the privacy or security settings for quick access. Unmark “Show frequently used folders in Quick access” and then tap “Apply” or “OK” to save the modification.

To also stop Quick access from displaying currently used files you can then unmark “Show recently used files in Quick access” too. If you do this it’s suggested that you can tap the “Clear” button to remove the currently used file and folder data. Alternatively, they might display up for a bit longer. Once again, tap “OK” or “Apply” to save the modifications.


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