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How to Disconnect a Bluetooth Device from our iPhone or iPad

More and more devices are connecting via Bluetooth with our devices. For years now there have been headphones with this technology, activity wristbands or portable speakers. However, with the arrival of the Apple Watch and the AirPod, as well as the fact of eliminating the jack port, Bluetooth is almost always activated. Since some devices and accessories require completely disconnecting or omitting the connection to connect to others, we will see how it can be done easily and simply. With these simple steps, we will omit and disconnect any Bluetooth device from our iPhone, iPad or iOS device.

Skip a Bluetooth device on the iPhone or iPad

The process to omit or disconnect a device or Bluetooth is the simplest. To do this we do not have to disable the Bluetooth connection of the phone or tablet but enter the Settings app. From there we will enter the Bluetooth section, which will show each Bluetooth device connected. In the example image, we see my AirPods and my Apple Watch. If we press the information button, we will enter the settings of that device. We will appear, among other possible options, the Ignore device.

Once we give it, it will be omitted and it will be totally disconnected. Then we can connect it to another device or device without a problem. Although we should know that many Bluetooth devices or accessories such as AirPods do not need to be disconnected beforehand. Now, if we want to reconnect it to the iPhone or iPad we will have to follow a similar but different process.

How to Disconnect a Bluetooth Device from our iPhone or iPad

Reconnect the Bluetooth Device or Connect it for the First Time

To connect for example AirPods or a Bluetooth headset we must first activate the device. Second, make sure that the iPad or iPhone is an active connection to establish it. Then we go into Settings> Bluetooth and look for the device in question. Once we see it, we press it and it should connect if it has not already done it to another team. As you can see, it is a process that anyone can do. In these things, Apple seeks to simplify and your iOS system is very intuitive and presents no major difficulty.

In addition, thanks to incorporating a chip in AirPods and other devices and the synchronization of iCloud, they make it easier and more convenient for users to transfer different information between them.

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