How To Dismiss Promotional Messages On The Chrome New Tab Page

Dismiss Promotional Messages: The New Tab page is a page that everyone access certainly, besides of which browser we use. For some part, the new browsers tab page is quite similar. Also, the page provides you access to oftenly visited websites, and some provide you the news. As lots of people visit this page, it looks to be a good place to serve ads or messages.

Chrome also display promotional messages or ads on the new tab page when it becomes a new Google doodle. Generally, the text is related to the doodle but Google Chrome displaying messages for tools that may be essential or helpful during the Coronavirus lockdown. The issue with these texts is that they cannot be removed or dismiss. Come let’s check how you can dismiss them.

Dismiss Chrome New Tab Page Messages

Head over to Chrome and in the URL bar, input or type the following:


Click enter and you’ll be redirected to the Chrome flags page. In the search bar of this page, input ‘promo’ and you will then view a flag called “Dismiss promos on the New Tab Page”. Then head over to the dropdown located next to it and choose ‘Enabled/Turned On’ from the options. Tap the Relaunch button located at the bottom to relaunch Chrome.

When Chrome has been relaunched. Simply open a new tab and search for the promotional message on it. The texts are still here but now they will have a close button. Just tap it and the text will be dismissed or gone.

The flag that you’ve just turned on can’t stop the texts from showing however, once you remove a message, it can’t appear again. You might get a new message if Google moves one to Chrome and that too will have to be gone.

Well, we tried this with the texts that generating on the new tab page lately and it works well. Also, it is possible that it works when Chrome is displaying you the day’s Google Doodle. However, if you find that Google Doodle disturbing, then you can fully block it.

When a promotional text has been removed, it’s might be a chance that you will view it again until Google pushes it to all users. Make sure before you remove a message. If you think you might want to access the link again, just bookmark it before you remove it.


Here’s all about ”Dismiss Promotional Messages”. Have you ever face issues dismissing promotional messages? Have you found any other trick that we can’t cover in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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