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How to Download Spartan Browser on Windows 10

download spartan browser

Well, Microsoft finally launched Spartan Browser for Windows 10 and OS as well. This is actually one of the most awaited browsers for Windows 10 via Microsoft. This is actually the first time when Microsoft changed the browser for Windows 10 as well. Microsoft basically leaves internet explorer and made Spartan default browser in Windows 10 and OS. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Download Spartan Browser on Windows 10. Let’s begin!

Spartan Browser is actually a really lightweight, smooth browsing experience and basically, comes along with a lot of features. This Browser also comes with Microsoft Cortona Support too. However, there is no download link in order to Spartan Browser. If you guys want a spartan browser, then you have to update your windows os or you can download the latest build from Microsoft Official Website as well.

Spartan Browser

The new Spartan Browser design is basically focused on Web Page instead of the look of the browser itself. Spartan will be available for Windows 10 Desktop PCs as well as tablets and mobiles too. The main idea behind this Project Spartan is basically to reintroduce the new Internet Explorer in order to compete with modern browsers. However, over the past few years the IE ‘name’ has actually damaged the reputation so bad that they needed to bring a new name as well. Spartan will now have Microsoft Cortana integrated as well as social sharing features built-in it. Totally new readers mode such as Safari on iOS or Mac OS X actually.

In the Spartan browser, you guys also have the option in order to Open with Internet Explorer. If there is any site that you want to open via Internet Explorer. Then you can use this feature you can open it. The main purpose of introducing a rendering engine in the Spartan browser is basically to support the modern web. Along with which we can search quickly and get reliable results. Reading View is also another good feature of project Spartan. With this feature, we can also read only the content that we want to read on any web page actually.

Well, the Spartan browser will eventually be released for all of the Windows systems, both on the desktop, tablet, and smartphone. You can download spartan browser. There is also even a version for the XBOX game console as well.

The spartan browser has the following features:

  • It has a Free web browser from Microsoft,
  • Versions are also available for XBOX consoles,
  • It is also available for desktop and mobile Windows operating systems.

How to Download Spartan Browser on Windows 10

You can download Windows 10 from the Microsoft Official Website. If you guys are already running the downloaded Windows 10 OS Technical Preview on your PC following the below instructions. In order to install the spartan browser in your pc.

download spartan browser

Microsoft Spartan Browser is actually the part of latest Microsoft build 10049. So you guys need the latest Microsoft Update. You can check your current Microsoft Build too.

  • First of all, in the taskbar search box, type Windows Update.
  • Then tap on Windows Update from the options.
  • Look at the left panel and then tap on Windows Update if it is not selected.
  • Then click on the Check as well.
  • Now you can upgrade your Windows 10 build 9926 to Windows 10 build 10049. It will download along with the new Spartan Browser as well.


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