The Best Battery Saver Launcher for Android You Can Use


battery saver launcher

One of the coolest things that you guys can do with your Android smartphone is installing a launcher actually. We are fans of Nova, Action, and also Microsoft launchers right. However, they do not consume many resources, many users have been reporting battery drains. Well, here are some of the best launchers along with battery saver features and are light-weight as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Battery Saver Launcher for Android You Can Use. Let’s begin!

Nova Launcher has each and every customization feature, and it does not really consume many resources. Still, some users have found complaining about battery drains. Well, launcher apps mostly do not consume a lot of resources. However, if you guys are using a low-end device. Then it’s always best to use the lightweight launchers along with battery saver features actually.

The Best Battery Saver Launcher for Android You Can Use

So, in this article, we are now going to share a few Android launcher apps. That don’t really cause battery drain unless you are using Live Wallpapers. Also, these launcher apps have battery-saving features in order to save battery life.

Nova Launcher 

Well, the Nova launcher has been our favorite all for a while now. And that’s mainly because it offers a perfect balance of features and performance too. It has now update along with a night mode feature that blacks out the search bar, app drawer, drawer icon, and also folders. That is not only good for your eyes at night time, however, also helps decrease the screen battery consumption for phones along with OLED panels.

You guys can not only change the grid size of the home screen and dock. However, also add more than 5 docks that you can then swipe infinitely. Nova Launcher is actually focused on utility and productivity instead of looks and aesthetics.

battery saver launcher

Well, there are a lot of options to work through, from color themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, folder settings, and infinite scrolling as well. The Nova team is never content to rest on its laurels, also continuously adding new features. For example, Sesame Shortcuts, animations, and Oreo improvements as well.

If you guys want the most powerful features, then turn to Nova Launcher Prime. A $4.99 version that basically offers up to the free download.

Download – Nova Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Just like Nova, the Microsoft launcher also comes with an optional dark mode. That can definitely help you to save some juice on your device. And because it’s developed via Microsoft, you get the perks of integration along with its apps. Such as Calendar, OneNote, ToDo, etc. That is followed by the Continue on PC feature for Windows users.

battery saver launcher

This launcher also brings in a separate instant setting tile that we can access through swiping up from the bottom. This actually makes it suitable for smooth one-hand operation, especially for people that have small hands. Other notable highlights also include a universal search bar, adaptive icons, and a personalized feed connected to your Microsoft account as well. Amongst all, it’s indeed the most productive yet feature-rich launcher that you guys can install on your Android phone as well.

It actually comes along with bottom bar widgets that you can access through swiping up from the bottom. Other features also include customizable news and the Timeline feature that permits you to resume activities. That you started between your phone and PC also.

Download – Microsoft Launcher

Power+ Launcher | battery saver launcher

Power+ Launcher is also one of the most efficient launchers on the list, well, thanks to its unique battery-saving feature that basically actively monitors the apps running in the background. Whenever an app unnecessarily runs for too long in the background, it simply stops the process and thereby decreasing the overall consumption.

battery saver launcher

The launcher basically uses the Accessibility feature to hibernate applications. This avoids them from auto-start, something just the same as what we’ve seen on apps such as Greenify. Well, apart from that, you get features like in-app search and also unread count badges for calls, messages, and many other applications.

It will constantly monitor apps running in the background and also use the Accessibility feature to close them. It will also delete running processes in the background too. That helps in decreasing battery drain and should improve mobile performance through freeing up resources such as RAM and processing power. Another useful feature is Hibernate, that typically freezes apps as well.

Download – Power+ Launcher

Evie Launcher

Evie is also a sober Android launcher that not only runs on minimal resources, However, also makes your phone faster and easier to use along with its simple interface. All of your apps can be accessed along with a simple swipe, and you guys can search for anything right via the home screen.

It has enough customization features on offer, that includes a dock, icon pack, unread badges, gestures, and much more. It also has a personalized news feed powered via Yahoo. And then, there’s an option in order to hide apps for folks who actually want complete privacy over the apps they use. For those who want to have a stock Android feel, Evie launcher is definitely worth giving a try actually.

ap15 Launcher | battery saver launcher

Weel, being the lightest of all, the ap15 Launcher actually takes your Android experience to a whole new level along with its straightforward approach. Rather than typical app icons, what you get is variably sized app names on a scrollable home screen actually. Yes, there is actually no app drawer here. The launcher also has the feature of saving battery power, through setting it to change the background to black as well. It can only be done after you guys have set the launcher as your default launcher, which should not be a problem for most of the Android users.

battery saver launcher

There are also loads of customization features, that include the ability to change text color, background color, label size, and font as well. And you guys can even specify custom rules on how apps are displayed, that is available in the Pro version.

Download – ap15 Launcher

Action Launcher

Well, with the Nova launcher mostly known as the best launcher, it is really safe to say that the Action launcher is second. The app might not be as old as other launchers, however, the regular release of updates proves that the developers actually pay attention to the users and that can be really comforting actually.


What actually sets Action apart from the rest is the inclusion of the “Shelf” feature. That gives the OxygenOS like feel that is found in the OnePlus device as well. If you guys like to keep things simple and yet still want to get the best out of a launcher. That constantly provides a check run on your battery life, Action Launcher is the app to get.

Action Launcher automatically picks out dominant colors in your wallpaper and then adjusts the app drawer, folder backgrounds, and also search box to match.

Download – Action Launcher

Lean Launcher | battery saver launcher

Just like its name suggests, Lean Launcher is crafted to be lean and light on the resources actually. It is also a free and open-source (FOSS) app. It takes a bare minimum approach along with a bottom Google search bar. Common features such as the adjustable grid layout, dark mode, icon shape, and also gestures are all there.



However, it does offer settings in order to change icon shape, text font, and color. You can’t really add shadow or other effects such as you get in Nova or a few other launchers. As it is so light and skips on funky animations and aesthetics, it basically consumes very little battery too.

Clean and no-nonsense when offering a decent amount of customizations. Lean Launcher is a really good option for those looking for a slimmer launcher experience.

Download – Lean Launcher

Tips to Save Battery on Android

Besides using the Android launchers with battery-saving features. You guys can follow a couple of other tips to improve your battery life, that is given below.

  • You have to keep a regular tab at your battery consumption settings as well as the apps running in the background.
  • Also, you can use Android’s built-in power-saving mode and prevent installing third-party battery saver or cleaner apps.
  • For phones that have OLED displays, switch to dark mode, and use a black wallpaper if possible actually.
  • Also, try not to use live wallpapers and unnecessary widgets because their services keep running in the background.
  • Turn off the connectivity features such as WiFi, Location, NFC, Sync, and Bluetooth when not in use actually.
  • If your phone permits, crank down the screen resolution and then try not to use it on full brightness.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “battery saver launcher” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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