How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue


Do you want to fix the laptop keyboard not working issue? Your laptop keyboard is an essential ingredient in what makes a laptop a laptop. It’s part of the whole portability package that you pay a premium for, and when it can’t work. Then the shiny laptop of yours seems a bit inessential. Here we discuss some common issues and fixes.

Laptop Keyboard Respond Slow

When the keyboard is working, but there’s a delay or lag between you hitting the keys and your inputs appearing on the display, then the best thing is that this is certainly not a hardware issue.

The first reason is a slow reaction to your keyboard hit is that the accessibility feature “Filter Keys” is enabled. It causes the keyboard to avoid brief keystrokes to make typing simpler for users with a hand shake.

If you want to disable Filter Keys. Then tap the Start menu, then the Settings cog icon -> Ease of Access. Tap Keyboard in the pane on the left, then move down and make sure “Use Filter Keys” is set to “Off.”

That failing, you can move down this article to the section on reinstalling laptop keyboard drivers. Slow or unresponsive typing can be the result of a damaged driver.

Laptop Keyboard Software Issue

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

If your laptop can boot to BIOS after you hit the required button. Then the best thing is that your laptop keyboard is working. The worst news is that Windows can’t view it that way, and you want to convince it.

Note: You might want to connect an external keyboard to your laptop to head over through this process when you want to have a way to input your Windows password.

Examine Windows 10 for Keyboard System File errors

If your keyboard isn’t working due to some software issue, then the first thing you should do is to run a system file scan. The file scan will scan complex Windows system files for errors, then resolve any corruptions if possible.

If you want to do this, hit the Win key, then enter cmd into the Search box. However, when the Command Prompt appears in the results, right-tap it and tap “Run as administrator.”

In the command prompt, type the following and wait until the whole process complete:

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