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How to Get More App Downloads: Tips for Your Startup

App downloadsRecently, over four million apps are being introduced every year and posted on various app stores play stores. Most customers today depend on mobile apps for their shopping, entertainment, finances, and many other related services. Since so many apps are being introduced in the market, small business owners should think about how to market their apps. It could take greater traction to get users to notice and utilize your application. 

Today, startup businesses are getting benefits from using mobile apps. Startup software development company usually provides businesses with the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android, like Barwenock is one of the renowned Web Development, eCommerce, Managed Support service. But the question should be how you will make these apps recognized among the many apps in the market. Here are a few suggestions for enhancing your application downloads.

1. Get the best-designed app icon  

Consumers are attracted by what they see or visual cues. That means the app icon you are selecting should be designed well. The first thing a potential customer sees when they go to the application store is your app icon. Create a visually appealing app in this case. The app icon you chose should be easily identifiable by consumers and anyone who frequent app stores. Such a thing must display your business and the application’s capabilities in a clear manner. They should give the user a preview of what they will receive when they download the program.

2. Improving your app for the app store should be a top focus

SEO is something that every competent marketer should be aware of. However, if an app creator or programmer wants their program to be downloaded, they must learn about app store optimization. To gain the greatest results, any software development company must consider the similarities and differences between SEO and ASO. Although there is a similarity between the two, ASO can aid in increasing the application’s presence.

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Application store optimization ideas 

·         Validity of the Keywords

One of the most crucial things to perform is to optimize the term. These terms will be used in the app’s title as well as to describe it. Use the term tracker as well as other tools to figure out what the top essential search words are. 

·         Categories options  

When presenting your application to an App Store or a Google play, choose your categories carefully. In other words, the category needs to be more appropriate for a commercial app.

·         App Installation

It’s worth noting that the number of potential clients who download your app can have an impact on your total ranking.

Valuable Feedback

As the app receives more good reviews, it will rise in the rankings. This is a reality that will lead to a rise in app downloads.

·         Introduce websites and blogs  

A successful app business model entails more than just creating a nice app. Check to see if the app is easy to find. According to numerous app developers, attaching the app to a website and blog makes it simple to broaden the app’s impact and attract potential clients. Most customers nowadays prefer to use the internet to solve their concerns. The majority of them can be found asking for assistance with shopping and entertainment on the internet. As a result, if you put your software on websites and blogs, these potential customers will be able to find it effortlessly.

·         Create demo videos  

By reading the app’s description and other related materials, just a few people will comprehend the benefits of utilizing your app. One of the most crucial things to consider in this scenario is developing a demo movie to exhibit more details about the software. The video should be short (up to thirty seconds), but it should convey practically all of the app’s information. After you’ve finished making the video, post it to your websites and social media accounts.

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Make use of a mobile communication channel

This is one of the methods via which a company can interact with its customers. To ensure that the majority of potential clients are aware of your apps, utilize app messaging and push notifications.

It’s worth noting that the majority of users will look at multiple apps in the app stores. In those kinds of instances, you must ensure that your application stands out among other similar applications. You may improve your brand’s position by using mobile app marketing recommendations. Outsourcing application developers can also assist you with crucial tactics for obtaining a large number of app downloads.


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