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How to Mute Apps in Windows 10 – Mute Permanently

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Windows 10 basically offers excellent audio control for all of your audio devices as well as for the numerous apps that you’ve installed. You can, for example, set a different volume for your headphones and whenever you connect them. Then Windows 10 will automatically adjust them as well. Just like that, you can also change the volume of apps individually through the volume mixer. What you guys may not know is that the volume mixer will remember the volume level. That you’ve set for an app as well. You guys can use it to permanently mute an app on Windows 10. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Mute Apps in Windows 10 – Mute Permanently. Let’s begin!

How to Mute Apps in Windows 10 – Mute Permanently

First, run the app that you want to mute. If the app is capable of playing audio, then running it alone will get it to appear in the volume mixer. On the off chance that the app doesn’t really appear, play something in it so that it outputs sound as well.

Next, right-tap on the speaker icon in the system tray and choose Open Volume Mixer. The volume mixer features each and every single app. That’s actually running and capable of playing sound. Each app actually has its own volume slider that you can change independently of the other apps and the master volume as well.

Press the speaker icon under the slider for the app that you guys want to permanently mute and you’re good. Windows 10 will remember this setting actually. The next time you open the same app, and then visit the volume mixer again and you will see that the volume is still muted actually.

What’s More

That’s about it but, any time you need the app to play sound, you will basically have to remember that you muted it. Restarting the app will never unmute it because its volume has been cut off at the system level.

You will also notice that among the apps listed in the volume mixer, and there’s also something called ‘System Sounds’. This isn’t an application actually. Rather, it’s for the system sounds you hear e.g., the new notification alert as well. If you find the system sounds annoying, however, can’t be bothered to turn them off all one-by-one. You can mute them here as well. All other sounds will continue to play just like they normally do.

These settings are sound device-specific actually. You guys may mute the volume for a specific app when you guys are using your speakers. However, if you also want to mute it when you just have connected a different audio device, then you will have to mute it separately. It’s pretty easy enough to do; connect the other audio device to your Windows 10 machine and then run the app you want to mute. You have to open the Volume Mixer again and mute the volume for the app. Now repeat for all audio devices that you use.

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