How To Resolve No Camera Found On Google Meet


Do you want to resolve “No Camera Found” On Google Meet? Which is a video conferencing app you really like? If the answer is Google Meet, then you’ll know all about its amazing features. How you can join a meeting in different ways, share your screen, or record the meetings.

But they all are difficult if you’re having video problems. What can you do if the Google Meet isn’t analyzing a camera? Well, hopefully, there are some fixes you can try. Certainly, a simple solution will do.

Check Your Camera

While using a desktop PC and a web camera that’s bent to the USB port. Sometimes the connection can be interrupted. You must know that the camera fixes in the USB port correctly and that it’s enabled.

Just in the situation, remove and re-attach it before joining the Google Meet video call again. If your external web camera can’t respond. Then it’s time to analyze if it’s working with a different PC. However, if another device can’t analyze it, then it probably is broken.

While using the integrated web camera on your laptop, and it’s not displaying in the Google Meet video. Simply try to close the meeting video first, and then open it again. Certainly, this simple tip will work well.

You can also analyze if the web camera drivers up-to-date as well. But if they’re not, install the updates on your PC. Also, if it still doesn’t work, then move it to the next possible fix.

Check Camera Permission

Certainly, every newest website is asking for permission to use your camera, microphone, and tons of other data. You are using it to just accepting everything or blocking them quickly. If it’s the case of the latter, it leads to blocking important permissions on Google Meet.

You have to enable Google Meet to have access to your camera. But if you like to take part in the meeting. Alternatively, the camera can’t appear. If you’re initiating a Google Meet video call for the first time, tap “Allow” when prompted to provide camera access.

But in case if you’ve mistakenly blocked it, it’s okay, you can modify that. Here’s how to do:

Step 1:

Head over to your web browser and visit Google Meet.

Step 2:

Choose “Start a new meeting”.

Step 3:

In the upper right corner, choose “Camera blocked”.

Step 4:

Choose “Always enable to access your camera and microphone”.

Step 5:

Choose “Done”. The video will begins automatically.

Update Google Meet App

Well, some amazing features of Google Meet like recording will only work in the web browser. Also, the app works well. But you must look for the updates daily. Certainly, there are errors and features that Google resolves. So the app version probably not respond as well anymore.

One such problem might be that the camera can’t be found. To ignore this issue, head over to Play Store while using an Android mobile device and App Store for iOS to view if there’s an update available.

However, if Google Meet on your Android device is up-to-date. But still, you’re having issues with the camera, simply try to force stopping the app. Then re-launch it and view if the camera is detected or not.

Check Your WiFi Network

Whenever your program or an app is issuing, simply check the WiFi connection. What kind of WiFi connection are you using? While staying at home, simply check your router. Is it in the right place, and are there any hurdles to the signal? If it’s not the right place, then reset the router and analyze it again.

When the WiFi signal is weak. Also, the WiFi connection is unstable, it’s common for the camera feature not to work. Or else if you are not at home, you probably not know what kind of WiFi network you’re dealing with. You can also perform a speed test, and if it’s not strong, try modifying networks.

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache from the Wifi browser and Google Meet app is the next step you probably want to consider. Certainly, it’s this solution that resolves tons of issues related to Google Meet.

While using Chrome to access Google Meet, that you might because they’re most supported, this is how you clear cache:

Step 1:

Head over to “Settings” and then “Clear browsing data” at the bottom of “Privacy and security”.

Step 2:

Now check the “Cached photos and files” box.

Step 3:

You can also analyze “Cookies and other website data” if you want too. But this will sign you out of many sites.

Step 4:

Choose “Clear Data”.

You’ll now close all the windows then restart your PC. Once your system is back up, then try to start or join another Google Meet video.

Find the Perfect Camera Angle

Despite your web camera is broken or defective. There’s always a fix to a “no camera found” problem. Fortunately, it must be on Google’s end. But it’s rare and usually, instantly correct.

Analyzing the permissions and WiFi connections should be at the top of the list of solutions. Besides you’re using Google Meet from your PC or Android device. But any of the fix mentioned above makes your camera work again.


Here’s all about ” Resolve “No Camera Found” On Google Meet”. Have you faced any problems with the camera in Google Meet? Were you able to resolve it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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