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How To Resolve Printer Offline On Windows 10

Do you want to resolve the printer offline on Windows 10? Some printers are the most problematic hardware you’ll find. We might be living in an era where 3D printing is possible, but it doesn’t mean printing on paper at home better all that much. However, Printers are still from hell, and ink and toner cost an arm and a leg. If you want to print something and keep viewing the printer offline, then you must try a few things:

Before you proceed further simply try to run basic troubleshooting steps

Check hardware

There are a few things you want to check before you troubleshoot an offline printer from Windows 10. Initially, the cable that you’re using to attach your printer to your computer. Remember that it isn’t damaged. Printer cables can’t exactly proprietary but, a frayed or damaged cable isn’t something that will work.

Simply modify the port you’re connecting the printer to. Make sure not all ports might be able to attach with the printer. For example, if the printer is a USB 2.0 printer and the port is USB 3.0, you might run into issues.

Remember that there is paper in the paper tray. Also, remember that the printer is in its correct ‘printing’ position i.e., nothing is open or erased. All lids that are assumed to be closed must be closed.

At last, remember that you can easily connect to print a test page on the printer. You don’t want the printer to be attached to a computer just to print the test page. Normally, hitting the power button on the printer will do the job. In some situations, probably there is a dedicated button for printing a test page, or quite different ways probably be used. Consult your manual printer’s.

If all things work perfectly then, proceed with the solution below.

Uninstall or Reinstall the printer

On PC, normally printers install automatically i.e., Windows takes proper attention to the drivers that are required and sets everything perfectly. However, there are some rare cases where this might not work or there probably have been issues with the setup. To resolve them, uninstall the printer. It’s quite easy to do. Just view the printer in the Settings app at the bottom of Devices>Printers & scanner. Then choose it, and tap the uninstall button. Now disconnect the printer and for good measure and start your PC.

Again connect the printer, and then enable Windows 10 to install drivers for it.

If your printer came with installation media, then try to use it if the generic drivers that Windows 10 installs can’t work after the reinstallation.

Check the offline status of printing

Head over to the Settings app and move to the Devices group of settings. Choose the Printers & scanners tab, and pick your printer. Then tap the ‘Open Queue’ button. In the print queue window, tap the File item on the menu bar and remember ‘Use printer offline’ is not turned on. If it is, turn off it, and disconnect and reconnect the printer again.

Restart printing services

Try to use the Win+R keyboard shortcut to open the run box and input the following.


Click enter to open the Services manager. Look for a service called Print Spooler. Right-click it and select Restart from the context menu. Disconnect and reconnect the printer again.

Check printer port

This fix might not work for all sorts of printers but it is definitely worth trying. Head over to Control Panel and move to Hardware and Sound>Devices and Printers. Right-tap the printer and choose ‘Printer properties’ from the context menu.

In the Printer Properties window, move to the Ports tab. Remember that the box located next to your printer is checked. If it isn’t, just check it and view it if the printer appears online.

If it doesn’t, come back to the Printer properties window. Now on the Ports tab, tap Configure Port. You might, or might not be able to configure the port. However, it depends on your printer version but if you view the options to configure it, turn off the SNMP Status Enabled option.

Open and Close app

Try to close the app that you’re sharing the print job from. Now disconnect your printer, and connect it again. Turn on a few minutes to pass and then again open the file. Initiate printing. It’s worth transferring to the app’s print dialog to make sure that you can view/select the printer.

Simply try to print from the various apps. Also, it is possible that the app creates problems of its own and it can’t connect to the printer.


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