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How to set up your VPN App Properly – 2021 edition

How to set up your VPN App Properly - 2021 edition

Do you plan on using a VPN for business or pleasure? The truth is that it doesn’t make much of a difference, as VPNs provide a plethora of benefits for both businesses and individuals. These days, we have found ourselves so reliant on technology that even tech-savvy kids know how to fix hanging or crashing apps or install the latest edition of their favorite game. With so much of our lives taking place online, one can’t forget to pay close attention to online safety. And when it comes to staying safe while browsing the web, one can’t forget about a VPN (Virtual Private Network) either. If you want to learn how to set up your VPN app properly in the year 2021, then you came to the right place.

Starting with the basics – VPN 101

It might be hard to find a person that hasn’t heard about a VPN, but it certainly isn’t easy to find a person that knows all the different functions VPNs cover. If you are like most people, and by most people, we refer to individuals who believe they have nothing to hide concerning their online behavior, then you are probably using a VPN app in order to bypass censorship or unlock blocked content on different streaming platforms such as Netflix. And that would be one of the main benefits of using a VPN – it allows you to mask your address by connecting to a distant server, opening up a brand new world right in front of you. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the benefits of VPNs.

A good VPN app will provide a safe connection between you and the Internet. It will hide your internet activity so that you won’t be tracked and it will encrypt all data in order to keep you secure. With all the potential threats that every person faces while browsing the web, it certainly pays off to invest in an additional layer of protection. But before we tackle the issue of setting up your VPN app in 2021, we first need to cover the multitude of different VPN providers out there.

Choosing the right VPN app

Right off the bat, you are going to notice that there are two types of VPN service providers – free and paid. Opting for the free version is tempting, to say the least. But if you don’t want to compromise on security, then you definitely ought to opt for a paid VPN service provider. In that situation, rejoice – there are many different types of VPNs out there, all of which offer a certain characteristic that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Almost every VPN provider will give you the option of choosing a free 30-day trial. By doing so, the bigwigs in the industry ensure you don’t have to spend a minute of your time being locked into a contract with a provider that isn’t satisfying your requirements. So once you conduct thorough research on the different VPN providers and you pick the one that seems to be the ideal candidate, the time has come to set up your app and enjoy the complete protection that these apps offer.

How to set up your VPN app properly

Don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it might seem. Setting up your VPN app won’t take more than ten minutes of your time. In fact, the biggest and most time-consuming part of the job was finding the right app for you. Everything after that will be so easy that you might as well go make popcorn and find Family Guy on Netflix that you can watch anywhere now that you have a VPN installed.

  • Start by downloading the app on all of your devices. Once again make sure that the provider can protect all of the devices that you are using, as that’s the only way to ensure total safety.
  • With the apps installed, you will now be asked to provide your login information. In most cases, you would have been asked to provide a password and a username when signing up for the service.
  • When you log into the app, the VPN that you are using will automatically connect your device to the closest server. The closer the VPN server is to your actual location, the better the performance will be. Of course, if you are trying to mask your location, you can always connect to a distant server and bypass any censorship in your area.


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