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Learn How to See Other Peoples Text Messages Without them Knowing

Living in a virtual world our data is more at risk of being stolen or used against us. Due to such reasons, there are only a few people around us whom we can trust to a certain extent. In the business world, we have to seldom work with some people who might be a threat but under some circumstances, they are working with us. For such cases, we required to have their surveillance 24/7, either it is their Calls or their conversation with might pose a threat to your Business. So to see other people’s text messages without them finding out we have got a great offer for you. SMSTrackers is one such Blog that provides a wide array of Apps and Services for the said task. They might be new in the industry but why not give them a chance to make a change.

Many of these Apps have either Paid or Free versions but if you want to have more access to your target then Paid versions are the choice for you. Most of these apps are third party and we don’t have any Concrete info about their workings but most of them use the same strategy and are pretty much safe. The Free versions mostly contain malware and are not standardized to safe use but they are free so one cannot blame them for providing under the standard security. If you are serious about your work then the paid apps are your way to work on.

How to See Other Peoples Text Messages With Installing Apps on their Device:

Well, to be honest, there is no such way to hack into someone’s device without physical access until and unless you know their E-mail & Password but Some of these apps hide after installing onto a device and it might be difficult for you the installer to point them out yourself. So you don’t have to worry about the other person finding out that you have installed an application into their device without their consent. Again most of these apps are not tested by us we are just giving an overview of how things work in there. If you are to proceed with installing them do it at your own risk and Techilife will not be responsible for any of your data lost during such situations.

Installation Guides to These Apps:

There are two methods to install this software or App onto both iOS & Android devices

iOS installation Method:
  1. As Apple emphasizes more on their Security so this solution applies only to Jailbroken devices.
  2. Select a monitoring or Tracking App and install it.
  3. Receive your login info in E-mail and start Tracking.

If you have the Apple ID then no Jailbreak is needed but in case of two Factor Authorization, your Target user needs to have a Jailbreak phone.

Android Installation Method:
  1. Choose an application and sign up to receive your Login Credentials.
  2. Install it onto the target user device.
  3. Login to your Control Panel.
  4. Start tracking every conversation of your user.

Free or Paid Apps To See Other Peoples Text Messages:

Most Free Apps Contain some type of malware or they are using your info for some other purpose but if you want a Premium treatment then you have to pay a premium for that. Some of the well-known apps like them include Myspy, Kidguard, Spyera etc and almost all of them provide you with a trial period in which you can get to know the app usage and see if it fits into your requirements.


  1. Do I Need to Root the Target Android Phone to Check Messages?

It depends on which monitoring app you choose: some have plans for Android phones that have not been rooted, and some don’t.

2. Are Apps to Read Others Texts Hidden?

Yes, most of them are undetectable, or you can hide them immediately after the installation.

3 What Apps Have Free Trial to Spy on Text Messages?

mSpy, Spyera, Hoverwatch, KidGuard, SpyRen offer free trials.


There are many reasons for wanting to check messages from loved ones, employees or even your children. Children are vulnerable and the extra care and attention of parents will only do them good. Knowing more about your partner’s private messages can reveal a lot about their personality and their interest. Anyway, you will come to enjoy the benefits of these apps.

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