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How to Solve the Amazon Kindle App Crashing Error

Amazon Kindle App

Amazon launched Kindle application for the book lover in 2007 actually. This electronic book reader app became really popular in a short time due to its well-managed services and user-friendliness. Amazon actually made this app distribution really smooth to date, and it is compatible with a lot of different mobile devices. Nowadays, most folks use android devices and the Kindle app is also available on their devices as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Solve the Amazon Kindle App Crashing Error. Let’s begin!

What is Amazon Kindle?

A Kindle is a really small hand-held electronic gadget in order to read books. That has been created via online retailer Amazon. Or maybe as you guys download an iPod or MP3 player along with the music. Then you can download books (via remote innovation) onto a Kindle and then read them on it. The most recent model is the Paperwhite, which also has a touchscreen and is accessible since December 2012.

Launched in mid-2012 was actually the Kindle Fire, and hitherto the Kindle Fire HD. Along with more usefulness than past kindles and just like a tablet gadget, in view of a working framework called Android as well. It has a shading screen and also offers fundamental highlights. Such as, the capacity to transfer video and music just as keep on being a tablet actually. You can purchase these books as Kindle forms of ‘digital books’ from the Amazon site. Just like that, you can likewise download PDFs of such a report. That makes this an ideal method of perusing for work and study as well.

Use of Amazon Kindle

In spite of the fact that the Amazon Kindle is incredibly lightweight and compact. You can also keep countless books on the Kindle. It has a six-inch screen in order to peruse from, in addition to a little console. That permits you to perform web look and many other generally basic web-situated exercises.

Really a great many people utilize a wireless association along with download books onto their Kindle. In any case, more current, and more costly models accompany 3G cell phone innovation. That also makes it conceivable in order to download books regardless of where you are. With the two renditions, you guys can likewise download books to a PC or Mac. And afterward, move them to the Kindle via means of a USB link.

Amazon Kindle App

How to Solve the Amazon Kindle App Crashing Error

However, some users recently started facing issues with the app, and that is also known as Amazon Kindle App crashing issueIt becomes so irritating that folks blame the mobile operating system, however, the actual problem found on the App itself. When the Amazon Kindle app crashing problem occurs it will actually take you back to the home screen automatically whenever you guys try to start the app. Here I am going to mention some steps, and you guys can follow them if you face the Kindle App crashing problem on your android device as well.

  • Whenever you are getting this issue, then first clear the cache of the app and restart your phone in order to check if the problem re-occurs.
  • The next thing is basically to clear the app data along with the app cache from your android phone to solve Amazon Kindle App crashing problem as well. And do not forget to restart the device actually.
  • The very next thing that you can try via un-installing and re-installing the app from the Google Play store.

If the issue is still there, then please execute the following steps that need a computer or laptop.

  • Just open the Amazon site and de-register your device from the Amazon account.
  • Un-install the App from your android phone as well.
  • Now turn off the Developer setting on the phone settings too.
  • You have to restart the phone and check again if the Developer setting is off.
  • Head to Google Play Store and install the Kindle App once again.
  • Now just register your account from App, and it should run in the correct way as well.


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