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How to Install LG V10 TWRP Recovery

LG V10 TWRP Recovery


To install LG V10 TWRP Recovery, obviously, you’ll need an LG V10, model no. LG-H901. Try not to attempt this on whatever another gadget whose demonstrate no. is different than the one referenced previously!


Check your gadget’s model no. on free Android application called Droid Info. If you see the model no. referenced above in the application, at that point, utilize this recovery, generally not. BTW, you can check gadget’s model no. on its bundling box as well.


Guarantee might be bereft of your gadget if you pursue the methodology given on this page. You just are in charge of your gadget. We won’t be obligated if any harm jumps out at your gadget or potentially its segments.


Backup vital documents put away on your gadget before continuing with the steps underneath, so that in the event that something turns out badly you’ll have a backup of all your essential records.

Instructions to Install LG V10 TWRP Recovery

Step 1. Ensure you have unlocked the bootloader of your LG V10. Else you can’t introduce TWRP. For help with this, look at our page on LG V10 bootloader open here.

Step 2. Download the TWRP recovery.

Download Recovery

Make another folder on your PC and name it as lgv10twrp, and copy the TWRP document you downloaded above to this envelope.

Step 3. In lgv10twrp envelope, rename the TWRP recovery document to twrp.img — this makes it simple to enter an order for introducing TWRP recovery beneath in this guide.

Things being what they are, you now have twrp.img in the envelope called lgv10twrp, isn’t that so? Cool.

Step 4. Install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Windows PC. And furthermore LG V10 drivers.

Step 5. Now, open order window in the lgv10twrp envelope, in which you have the modified boot and TWRP documents. For this:

Open that lgv10twrp organizer and after that left snap on a void blank area in the envelope.

Now, while holding the shift key, right snap on the void blank area to get a spring up as appeared as follows.

Now pick Open order window here choice from that.

You will see an order window open up, with area coordinated to lgv10twrp envelope.

Now the Coding Part:

Step 6. Boot your gadget into bootloader mode. For this, enter the accompanying order in direction window.

adb reboot bootloader

When you run the above order, it will enter bootloader mode, likewise called fastboot mode.

Step 7. Test whether fastboot is working okay. Associate the gadget to PC first, and after that in the order window, run the accompanying direction.

fastboot devices

Upon this, you ought to get a sequential no. with fastboot composed after it. If you don’t get fastboot composed on cmd window, at that point it implies you have to reinstall adb and fastboot drivers, or change restart PC, or utilize unique USB link.

Step 8. You have a decision here. If you need to introduce TWRP for all time, at that point utilize the accompanying order:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Try not to restart your gadget right now.

The above order introduced TWRP, however, to keep Android from expelling it for default 3e recovery, you have to boot straightforwardly into TWRP. Complete one straightforward following stage.

(BTW, you need to utilize the recovery picture’s filename in the above direction, which for our situation is twrp.img, from stage 2.)

Step 9. Boot into TWRP recovery now. Utilize the accompanying direction for that.

fastboot boot twrp.img

Once you are in TWRP, enable it to mount framework as read/write.

Step 10. That is it. You effectively introduced TWRP recovery on your gadget. To affirm, with the gadget as of now in TWRP, tap on Reboot, and after that on Recovery.

Your LG V10 should stack TWRP recovery once more.

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