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How to Update Jailbroken iPhone to iOS – Tutorial

how to update jailbroken iphone

If you guys have already jailbreak your iOS device, then you guys might have dealt along with problems that are related to iOS updates. You guys might be stuck at the ‘Checking for update’ screen. If you guys are dealing with the same problem, then you should check out the guide given below to update the jailbroken iPhone. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Update Jailbroken iPhone to iOS – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

Well, if you have an iOS device such as iPhone, then you might be well aware of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is basically the actual process of freeing your iPhone from the limitation that is imposed via Apple. Well, jailbreaking is actually much similar to Android rooting and users mostly jailbreak their iPhone in order to install and use Unauthorized apps.

Jailbreaking also introduces a lot of other features such as removing bloatware, customizing iOS, as well. If you guys have already jailbreak your iOS device, then you might have dealt along with problems related to iOS updates. Also, you might be stuck at the ‘Checking for update’ screen. Jailbreaking iOS device basically breaks the connection with Apple servers that leads to these problems.

Well, if you have already jailbroken your iPhone, then you can’t actually upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS. But where there is actually a will there’s away. So, in this article, we are now going to share the best method that would permit you to upgrade the jailbroken iPhone as well.

How to Update Jailbroken iPhone to iOS – Tutorial

The method which we are going to share below is quite straightforward. However, you will need a computer to implement the process. So, let’s now check out how you can update the jailbroken iPhone to the latest iOS version.

Backup of your iOS Device

It is always a good idea in order to take a backup of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch before updating it along with the latest iOS software update. (Keep in mind that if you select to encrypt your backup via iTunes. Along with normal data, secure information such as passwords, etc. is also backed up as well.)

In order to back up your iOS device, open Settings on your iPhone and click on the ‘iCloud’ option. Now under the iCloud menu, just choose ‘Backup’. There you guys have to turn on the ‘iCloud backup’ option. When you do that, then tap on the ‘Backup Now’ button.

If you guys are using any other app or services in order to backup your iPhone data. Then just make sure in order to utilize that to backup your device.

Steps: | how to update jailbroken iPhone

Now that you guys have properly backed up your iOS device, it’s now time to install the latest iOS version via iTunes from PC. So, let’s check out how can you use iTunes in order to install the latest iOS version.

  • You have to make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
  • Then you will see a new pop-up telling you about the latest iOS update. You have to click on the ‘Download and update’ button.


  • If for any reason you guys can’t see the pop-up message. Then you need to tap on the Device icon on iTunes and tap on ‘Summary’. Now on the Summary, and just tap on ‘Check for Update’
  • Then just follow the on-screen guide in order to upgrade the iOS version of your iPhone as well.


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